Sponsor: Top Romantic Cities to Visit in America


Puzzling over where to spend a romantic getaway? Paris is a classical destination but you probably want something new and original. Bridesdating.com is eager to introduce the most romantic cities in America waiting for you two. They will rekindle your feelings and make you fall in love with each other once again.

New York
Spend your romantic weekend in America’s capital of fashion, culture, food, and romance – New York. The city of skyscrapers has a lot of gorgeous places that have become the venues for so many romantic films. Visit those symbolic locations and live your own intimate moments there. Visiting the Empire State Building to enjoy the great view is a must.


Las Vegas
Romance means different things to different couples. In Las Vegas, there is something for every couple in love. One of the most iconic and romantic, of course, attractions in Las Vegas is the Fountains of Bellagio. These are more than 1,200 magnificent “dancing” fountains across Lake Bellagio – a spectacular show to enjoy together. You don’t need to go to Venice to take a gondola ride and listen to gondolier’s singing. You can experience it at The Venetian, a luxury resort complex. You can even find the Eiffel Tower replica in Vegas!


Providence, Rhode Island
The couples in search of romance should definitely go to Rhode Island’s capital, Providence. It’s a relatively quiet small city full of cultural attractions. With many art galleries, historic New England architecture and a wide array of restaurants, you will find something to your taste in this city. Don’t miss a chance to contemplate an artistic installation of bonfires along the Providence River. Take a gondola ride for two to view the city from the river. If your sweetheart is a literature lover, take her to the historic private library and take a walk around its gardens.


Portland, Oregon
From romantic restaurants and the Living Room theater to beautiful gardens and hiking trails – Portland is a great city for a romantic getaway. Take a picture of you two standing in front of the Multnomah falls on Columbia River Gorge and learn the legend connected with it. Meditate and get spiritual at Grotto (the National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother). The nearby mountain (where you’ll be taken by a 10-story elevator) provides really incredible views on gardens.

St. Paul
Saint Paul and its “twin sister” Minneapolis are made for romance. A couple of years ago St. Paul was named the most romantic city in North America. It is small, quiet and sophisticated. Its cozy atmosphere is created by old architecture, tree-lined streets, and many open spaces. Once called “another Siberia” the city hosts an annual winter festival when the city streets look like an ice palace surrounded by ice sculptures.

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