The Beautiful Hawaii You Need To Discover

It’s no secret that Hawaii is one of the most visited states in the country and just might be the most beautiful place that the United States has to offer. If you’re planning a trip there, remember to check out coupons for planes and hotels to make your stay there all the more affordable and be able to enjoy more! There’s plenty of them that can be used even in such popular stores as Amazon and help you reduce not only the travel expenses, but also save on the equipment or clothing. Once you’ve taken care of the financial side of the adventure, you don’t have to worry about anything else – there is no shortage of activities to partake in upon arrival! Read on to learn more about all the breathtaking spots.
Hawaii has to offer and how you can spend time in this magical place:

1. Hiking The Legendary Na Pali Coast

This is often considered to be the very best backpacking trail to be found in the state and is one of the most frequently visited spots by would be hikers. It is a 22 mile round trip, filled with unspoiled views of nature. It is important to note that this trail is only recommended to the most experienced hikers, as there are a variety of steep drop offs and sharp turns. Those who can make it to the end receive the golden sands of Kalalau Beach as a bounty of sorts.

2. See Humpback Whales In Maui

Photo by

Photo by

Have you ever seen a humpback whale doing acrobatic tricks? If not, you’ll want to head to Maui, where you can see them spin, twist and flop onto the water in ways that no other animal can duplicate. Even experts do not know why these animals perform the maneuvers that they do, but they suspect that the creatures are simply playing with one another.

3. Head To The Grand Canyon of the Pacific

Also known as Waimea Canyon, this area has some of the most intense and breathtaking views that you will ever have the privilege of laying eyes on. Be sure to set aside a full day to take in all of the sights here and keep an eye on the weather report. If the weather is cloudy on the day that you choose, the amount of views that you'll be able to enjoy will be severely limited.

4. Watch The Surfers at Oahu

Photo by Josh/Flickr

Photo by Josh/Flickr

The waves here can be monstrous, so challenging them is not recommended for the first timer. Those who wish to sit back and watch can enjoy tremendous views, as surfers from every part of the world venture to Oahu in search of the perfect wave. These waves can reach the size of buildings and unlike other renowned surfing areas, Mother Nature is the one in charge here. There are numerous professional surfing competitions that take place in Oahu, as well.

5. Enjoy Authentic Hawaiian Cuisine

Photo: Martha Cheng

Photo: Martha Cheng

Helena’s Hawaiian Food, located just outside of Honolulu, is the spot that you need to be hitting up. This is not the commercialized fare that we’re all used to, but a no frills restaurant that is committed to providing Hawaiian classics like pipi kaula short ribs and luau squid for both locals and tourists. You will be sure to love it as soon as you try!


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