Great Ideas to Record Your Overseas Travel Memories

Just got back from your latest overseas trip with a wonderful collection of travel keepsakes but not sure what to do with them? Many travelers experience that feeling of exhilaration during their overseas trip, enjoying new experiences and cultures, you just can’t imagine having to eventually return home. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could find a way to make that fantastic feeling you felt on your trip last long after you get back? If you have collected some special mementos from your trip, don’t just leave them in a box to gather dust and be forgotten. There are many special and creative things you can do with them.

Journal Your Way Around the World

Taking a journal with you on your trips abroad gives you a great way to plan your trips and excursions while also recording your experiences and special moments. A travel journal will encourage you to take a moment to reflect on your experiences before the end of your trip. You can use it as a bullet journal, mindful journal or scrapbook – or even a combination of the three. You can use it to keep track of your souvenirs, pictures and drawings and once you are back home, you can fill it with photographs that you have printed out from your travels. It then becomes a lasting record of the highs and lows of your trip that you can refer to again and again.

Creative Ways to Bring Your Precious Photos to Life

Don’t just leave your travel photographs on your phone or camera to either be forgotten or accidentally deleted. There are many great things you can do with them to bring your holiday memories to life. Your photographs can be used to create magnets, Polaroid prints or even a CanvasPop photo collage, combining a variety of photographs that showcase your favorite parts of your trip. If you are very crafty, then a memory photo quilt will immortalize your photographs for you to enjoy for years to come. Simply print your photographs onto photo paper, then cut them out and stitch them together.

Create a Film of Your Trip

Be the star of your own travel film. You’ve likely returned home from your trip with a combination of selfies and videos. So why not transform them into a film that you could share with your friends and family? Even if you just take one second of footage from the best parts of each day of your trip, you can compile them into a fun and interesting video that you can enjoy watching again and again. There are many easy to use apps available that will help you film and edit your video to create something very special.

Whether it has been your first trip abroad, or you are a seasoned traveler, using your keepsakes to create lasting memories will keep the memories and special moments of your trip alive and give you something to share with your friends and family.


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