List from Exam-labs: Top Forums and Blogs about Oracle Certifications

Whether you are planning to write an Oracle certification exam or you want to learn more about the products and services of the vendor, reading through forums and blogs is crucial. Of course, going through the plethora of blogs and forums online to get the information you need may be an impossible mission. However, you don’t have to worry: has developed a list of top forums and blogs to prepare for the Oracle tests. Let’s look at them.

  • Oracle Blog

This is the official blog of Oracle Corporation. It offers news directly from the database team of Oracle. The site also acts as a platform where the organization informs the interested audience about the latest information regarding updates. You can expect about three posts per week on this blog.

  • Oracle-Base Blog

The Oracle Base Blog shares articles on Oracle database administration and development, as well as instructions and scripts. It also has forums where the professionals can converge and interact. The brain behind the blog, Tim Hall, is an OCP (Oracle Certified Professional),an Oracle ACE Director, a DBA/Developer, and an Ok Table Network member. Mr. Hall has been engaged in design, development, and work with the Oracle database. He posts weekly on the blog site, so you can expect about four posts per month.

  • Oracle Learning Library

This blog is intended for those professionals who are looking for the relevant materials for their certification exams. Oracle Learning Library offers free training contents on the biggest enterprise software. The training resources are developed by Oracle and product development teams. The blog site posts about twelve articles every week.

  • Google News: Oracle Database

This blog offers comprehensive and up-to-date information about the Oracle database. It also provides aggregate news from different sources across the world onthe Oracle products and services. If you want some of the best news and information about specific products, you should check out this blog site. About twelve articles are posted every week.

  • Exam-labs

Over and beyond providing the study materials for the test takers, Exam-labs also has a blog that informs the candidates on different updates about their certification tests. You can learn a lot about the Oracle exams from this platform.

  • Fox Infotech

This blog site offers IT eBooks, software, code examples, Oracle PL/SQL, forms, and reports. It is managed by Vinish Kapoor’s Blog and offers some interesting contents that might be of great help for your exam preparation. You can expect about twelve posts every week on the site.

  • ThatJeffSmith

It is managed by Jeff Smith. This blog offers tips and tricks that will be of good help for Oracle SQL Developers, SQL Developer Data Modelers, Oracle REST Data Services, and SQLcl. The goal of this site is to minimize your time when working with the Oracle database. You can find one blog article per week on this website.

  • Rittman Mead

Rittman Mead innovates, trains, and consults within the scope of Oracle business intelligence, analytics, and data integration. With headquarters in Brighton, UK, this site is a good place to learn more about theOracle products. The site posts about two articles per month.

  • Oracle FAQ Blogs

This blog site is a valuable resource for all professionals who are interested in the Oracle technology. Whatever question you have to ask, you can be assured that you will find the answers on this platform. It is a highly recommended blog site for those specialists who are planning to sit for a certification exam, regardless of the level.

  • Catgovind Blog

This blog offers step-by-step tutorials and trainings for Oracle BPM, ADF, SOA, BPEL, Primavera P6, WebLogic, and many other Oracle technologies. You can also learn a lot from this site during preparation for your certification exam.

  • Oraask

This is a forum for professional programmers. The platform was created by programmers and designed for developers as well. It is a community of experts who come together to help one another. Becoming a part of this forum is free, and anyone can come in to ask questions relating to any specific programming languages. You can also answer the questions of other users; it depends on your level of knowledge about the subject of discourse. There is so much you can learn from Oraask.

  • Let’s Develop in Oracle

The blog site offers helpful tips and information in terms of Oracle database, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle SQL, DBMS job scheduler, Oracle SQL query optimization, Oracle performance tuning, various Oracle error codes, Oracle interview questions, string aggregation for Oracle DBA anddatabase developers, an Oracle regular expressions. You will definitely find insights to help you achieve your certification.

  • Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group

This is a non-profit and independent organization designed to equip its members with high level of education in application, development, database, and personal networking prospects.

Therefore, these blog sites and forums are some of the best platforms to find information about Oracle and be equipped with knowledge about your certification content. In addition to insights from these blog sites, it is recommended that you explore other resource platforms for your exam preparation. There are numerous websites that offer some tools to ensure outstanding performance in your certification test. Exam-labs is one of these platforms. You can explore various materials, including, exam dumps, VCE files, training courses, exam simulator, as well as practice questions and answers.


There are many resources that you can use for your exam preparation. However, you have to be mindful of the study tools you use. You should only learn from platforms that have up-to-date materials to train and learn. To excel in your Oracle test, Exam-labs is an excellent website to look for helpful exam dumps and practice questions. Combine them with courses and books, and read articles from the real experts.

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