Prepaway – Passing Microsoft 70-486 Exam and Becoming MCSA: Web Applications Certified: What Does This Mean to You?


If you have a desire to become a professional web app developer in using ASP.NET MVC, then passing the Microsoft 70-486 exam should be your priority. This test helps you advance in the most sought-after applications developer skills. The Microsoft 70-486 exam leads to the MCSA: Web Applications certification. To obtain this credential, you must pass this test and one more. For the second one, you have to choose between Microsoft 70-480and 70-483. This article takes you through the details of the Microsoft 70-486 exam. You’ll discover its objectives, details anduseful study resources for your exam prep. You’ll also learn what passing this certification test means to you as a professional developer.

Microsoft 70-486: Exam Details

This certification exam consists of about 40-60 questions. They may involve multiple-choice questions, build lists, hot areas, drag and drop, case studies and active screen. The time allocated for answering them is 90-120 minutes. The exam cost is $165.

Before taking the test, it’s important that you master the following skill areas:

  • How to design and develop web apps using framework of ASP.NET MVC
  • How to plan and design user interactions based solutions depending on business requirements
  • How to develop and deploy asynchronous solutions
  • Debugging and troubleshooting web apps
  • Designing and administering security

The candidates for this exam are developers who have worked three years in the field. They must be good at using ASP.NET and MV Studio in designing and developing web applications. The students should also be knowledgeable in Microsoft Azure web apps.

Microsoft 70-486: Preparation Tips

  • Seek for the exam details online. The Microsoft official website is the best place to start.
  • Schedule your exam with Pearson VUE. Ensure you register on time so that you can plan your prep properly. Avoid a last minute rush.
  • Prepare a proper study plan and follow it through.
  • Enrol for a course with a Microsoft authorized trainer or course provider.
  • Use study books and practice tests.
  • Organize your study table, remove clutter and put all your study materials in a place that you can easily access.
  • Practice with labs.
  • Avoid distractions. Study in a quiet place with little or no disturbance.
  • It’s healthy to take breaks in between your study. Give your brain a break where necessary. You can opt to take a walk or watch a less intensive movie.
  • Identify your weak areas and then work on them till you are confident enough.
  • On the eve of the exam, ensure to sleep early.
  • Come to the testing center early, around 30 minutes before the scheduled starting time.
  • Go through theexam instructions. Read and attempt all questions. It’s advisable to start with the easier ones first, then come back to the rest later.

Microsoft 70-486: Preparation Resources

  1. Top training courses:
  • 20486C: Developing ASP.NET MVC 5 Web Applications Microsoft course
  • Pluralsight ASP.NET MVC course
  • Learning Tree Developing ASP.NET MVC 5 Web Applications (20486) course
  • ExamSnapDeveloping ASP.NET MVC Web Apps training
  1. Top web resources:
  • Microsoft Learning official website
  • Pearson VUE for exam registration
  • Exam Ref 70-486 study guide on Amazon
  • Microsoft discussion forum/community
  • ExamCollection Microsoft 70-486 practice tests
  • Exam-Labs Microsoft 70-486 practice tests
  • PrepAway exam dumps

Microsoft 70-486: Why is it important to you and your career?

  1. You receive the certification from a popular vendor.

Microsoft is a leading vendor for professional exams and other IT hardware and software equipment. Qualifying for their credential is obviously a plus for you!

  1. You are qualified for a well-recognized certificate.

Passing this popular Microsoft 70-486 exam leads to the MCSA: Web Applications certification. It is well recognized worldwide and is currently one of the most sought-after.

  1. It demonstrates your mastery of web app development skills.

The exam checks your abilities in successfully developing apps that are useful to businesses. When you pass this test, it shows that you have mastered the skills and are capable of providing the required solutions.

  1. It shows hard work and commitment.

The Microsoft 70-486 exam is known to be one of the toughest tests. Preparing for it takes dedicationand hard work. By passing it, you demonstrate your readiness to succeed in everything you do.

  1. It leads to better job opportunities and remuneration.

When you pass this exam and earn your certification, you get access to some of the highest paying jobs in the world of IT. The possible work positions that you are qualified for include a certified.NET developer, a software developer, a web developer anda systems administrator. If you have any of these jobs, you may earn an average annual salary of $91,966, according to Indeed.

  1. It is the way to career growth.

Obtaining the certification can earn you a job promotion and a salary increment. The professionals with the MCSA: Web Applications credential are known to be dependable and ready to provide solutions at work. This makes them more preferred by employers when it comes to employment and promotions.


You know now why passing the Microsoft 70-486 exam and getting the MCSA certification is important. Access to unlimited opportunities and progressing in your career is significant aspect of your professional life. Taking that first step of passing your test is the right path towards the MCSA: Web Applications certificate. It’s time to move towards achieving your career goals by passing this important Microsoft 70-486 exam.


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