The Best Romantic Places in Ontario

You are probably one of those who sarcastically or not say that you are living in one of the most boring countries in the world. While neighbouring Americans think that Canada is paradise on Earth, you can hardly think about the places to take your girlfriend to for a date. Well, with such an attitude, you would really become a boring boyfriend for a girl from She may ask you about romantic places in Ontario and you would have nothing to say. It may come as a surprise, but Ontario is full of romantic places, and we offer you to check out a few of them.

Agawa Canyon

Agawa Canyon is situated in Sault Ste. Marie. It is a 1.2 billion years old valley that was created by the faulting of the Canadian Shield. Want to impress your date? Use an elevated hiking trail that leads to the observation point, which offers the breathtaking view on the entire area. If you want to impress your date even more, you can have a little adventure taking a train ride that goes through the canyon.


You may claim that Canada is boring all you want, but citizens and visitors of the small town Almante are most likely to disagree with you. Almonte is situated in Lanark County, and it’s a town known for its festivals and other lively events. The Mississippi Mills waterfall is one of the main attractions of the town of Almonte. Lit up in different colours at night, the waterfall would be a nice add to the romantic atmosphere of your date.

The Benjamin Islands

While being one of the most beautiful places in the North Channel, it seems absolutely unknown to Canadians if you check the Wikipedia. The online encyclopedia doesn’t contain the article on the Benjamin Islands neither in English nor in French. Actually it contains article on the islands only in Swedish. Despite all that, it is a perfect place for the nature walks with your partner. You can also sit among those pink granite islands near the Algoma, and watch as the boats sail into the sunset.

Spencer Smith Park

If you don’t want to go far away from Toronto, you can always go to the Spencer Smith Park. The park is full of cherry blossom trees and picturesque paths by the water. Add a small beach, and you can have a perfect romantic date there. Besides, the place is becoming popular for the wedding photo shoots, so, who knows, maybe walking in that park would bound you and your date-mate forever.


If you are into art, then Stratford is the perfect place for you. Probably, Stratfrod wasn’t called that in vain, as it really has that Shakespearean flair. If you enjoy performances, you should come to Stratford from April to October, during the Stratfrod Shakespearean Festival. But even if you visit this Perth County’s town in winter, there is still a lot of things to see. The town is full of cute little shops and buildings for you and your partner to explore.

And that’s only the peak of iceberg of the romantic places in Ontario. Probably, after visiting them you would stop thinking that Canada is one of the most boring countries in the world.


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