The Curious History Of Des Plaines’ Casino

Casino owners are always looking for a unique feature to pull in visitors and that’s led to the gambling spots deploying ever more exotic designs. One such design found its way into the news recently – Rivers Casino, of Des Plaines, USA, was sold for a hefty $500m. What made it so valuable? It’s unique characteristic – a puddle.

Strange as that might sound, Des Plaines circumvented tricky local laws concerning gambling by being built in a puddle. In doing so it took the honor of being one of the world’s most unique casinos. It’s story is an interesting one, and despite being a relatively new construction, is well worth visiting as a result.

The casino history

Rather than being a form of structural trick, the Rivers Casino does indeed have a claim to fame as a casino within a puddle. Due to Illinois state gambling laws mandating that only riverboats be allowed to operate as gambling venues, the creators of the casino found a loophole by ‘creating’ a river. Essentially, the few inches of water – the puddle – make the casino a boat in terms of trading law.

How the casino operates

The casino has been in operation since 2011 and has operated a low-key operation. Despite being located prominently in the Des Plaines skyline, there are no preconceptions as to clientele in the casino; on your average day, dress code can vary depending on whether you’re a day tripper or looking for an audience with the higher-ups. The casino is in the surrounds of some real American history with 1914 era forest reserves and historic Lake Peterson. This helps to add to the unique history of the operation.

What’s the future of the casino?

You’re likely to see this unique casino on the skyline for years to come. Despite the normal gripes of organized gambling, the casino has counter weighted this and been attributed with positive community contributions to the tune of $9m in the taxpayer’s pocket. With the takeover creating a little uncertainty, there’s little chance of a shutdown on the horizon and so there remains opportunities for you to get involved.

Among the ultra-hedonistic casinos of Las Vegas and countries abroad and speakeasy-era betting rooms of eras past lies new developments. In Des Plaines, finding a niche between local laws has led to a unique and creative solution. With natural history sandwiching the development, there’s a strong argument that Des Plaines holds one of America’s most unique casinos.

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