The most unusual casinos in the world

The demand for casinos and gambling is experiencing a boom at the moment, with online casinos available on mobiles, tablets and laptops land-based casinos are having to go the extra mile to attract customers.

Even Las Vegas, the spiritual home of gambling, is experiencing reduced numbers of visitors and has fallen behind Macau as the number one world destination for gambling enthusiasts. So how do casinos adapt and attract new customers? By stepping away from the norms of casinos to create a venue that appeal to huge numbers of people.

Let’s take a look at the five most unusual casinos in the world.

The Desert Cave Hotel & Casino: Coober Pedy – Australia

The nearest large city to the small Northern town of Coober Pedy is Adelaide, a short 526-mile trip up the Stuart Highway. The town is home to just under 2,000 inhabitants and nothing really grows in this desolate, desert environment.

It has long been known as a mining town or the gateway to the outback communities of Oodnadatta and William Creek for intrepid travellers. Now however, it’s known for something quite different.

The Desert Cave Hotel & Casino allows guests to experience dug-out style living as underground shops, bars and the casino are all located underground, carved out of the natural sandstone and limestone. Opened in 1988, its environment is cool, airy and spacious – and there are a number of classic casino games, including blackjack and poker, to enjoy here.

The Venetian: Macau – PR China

Opened in 2007, the Venetian in Macau is owned by Las Vegas Sands and modelled on the resort of the same name in Sin City. However it takes extravagance and luxury to the next level and is a real must-see for potential visitors.

The sheer size of the venue itself is astonishing. It has over 3,000 rooms and 550,000 square foot of gaming space all of which have contributed to making it the 7th largest building in the world and the largest casino on the planet.

As the name suggests, the hotel is modelled on the architecture of the Italian city Venice and as such has small canals separating the four main gambling spaces. Guest can even ride on a Gondolier as they move around the casino.

The architecture inside the resort has been incredibly executed with no expense spared to make sure that the Venetian resembles Venice as close as possible. If you needed any more excuses to visit this stunning casino, you’ll be delighted to know that it plays host to stunning entertainment shows.

In 2008 a worldwide spectacular show was aired in a custom built theatre which was produced by the company behind Cirque du Soleil and featured amazing representations of stars, planets and time.

As you can imagine, there’s vast number of casino games on offer here in a lush gaming environment. If strategy games are your thing, you might want to give baccarat a whirl. This logic-based games is a big-hitter among Chinese gamblers – so why don’t you learn how to play so you can compete against some of the country’s high rollers? Check out this comprehensive baccarat strategy guide – it could be the only thing separating you from a life-changing jackpot.

Bally’s Resort & Casino: Las Vegas – United States of America

On the surface, this may seem like just another run of the mill Las Vegas casinos, but inside it hides a sinister secret. Opened in 1973, the casino is said to be haunted by not just one malevolent spirit, but a whole host of ghostly ghouls.

In the autumn of 1980 the site was owned by MGM and experienced one of the worst tragedies in Nevada’s history. A fire broke out in the deli and dodgy fire safety measures led to 650 guests being injured and 87 losing their lives. MGM later paid out $200 million in compensation to the victims and their families before selling the lot to Bally’s.

Almost as soon as Bally’s reopened the casino there were reports from guests of strange happenings. Firstly there were several complaints of a smell of acrid smoke in the corridors and the hotel rooms.

In the main casino room a strange woman was often cited playing slot machines whilst her dress slowly caught fire before disappearing into thin air. In a more sinister experience, a family reportedly witnessed the spirit of a small child running down the corridor in flames frantically searching for his parents.

If you’re a fan of TV shows such as Most Haunted then you should definitely get yourself to this resort and see if Bally’s is really haunted. Along the way, play some of its 65 table games and 1,250 slot machines should keep you busy when you’re not out looking for the undead…

The Basement Casino: Yeovil – United Kingdom

This casino is not only situated in a strange town in England, but it is also located in the basement of a building that was built in medieval times. North Cadbury Court was first built as a medieval hall in the 14th-century before being passed on to the Montgomery family in the latter parts of the 19th-century.

Current owner Archie Montgomery had the foresight to turn his property into a tourist trap, accommodating for weddings, holidays and tours. However the biggest lure of North Cadbury Court is the Basement Casino.

Despite its low ceilings, it can hold up to 30 gamblers and offers a blackjack table, roulette wheel and a poker room.

The décor inside the casino is all vintage and dimly lit tables are home to extravagantly dressed dealers. All of which adds to the atmosphere of underground illegal gambling from the pre-war period.

Once you’ve finished having a flutter you can take in the stunning grounds of the property and even treat yourself to a spa experience as you relive your casino winnings.

The Ice Casino: Sweden

It’s hard enough trying to find a casino in a dreary northern English town, never mind in the desolate tundra of the Arctic. If you’re exhausted from a day of exploring the vast glacial expanse, fascinating climate and northern lights, you can unwind with a card game or two at the world’s coolest casino.

Opened in December 2015 by Gala Casinos, the Ice Casino promises to give you a cold welcome – but that’s the idea here, as room temperatures can reach -5 celsius. Everything you see is made of ice – from the walls, to the ceilings, to the chips and dice of the casino games. Roulette, poker and blackjack is all available here.

The Ice Casino will naturally melt every summer – meaning it’ll have to be reconstructed for the start of every winter season.

As each of these unique operators show, innovation is at the heart of the gambling industry. Brands are trying their best to achieve standout in a crowded market, and long may it continue – for it presents gamers with more choice and value than ever.

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