10 Breathtaking European Universities

European universities are known for the quality of education, traditions, and amazing architecture. There are lots of stunning campuses and historical buildings to explore.

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With that information in mind, it is much more entertaining to explore the most breathtaking universities of Europe built in classic styles like

  • Gothic;
  • Renaissance;
  • Neoclassic;
  • Art Nouveau, etc.

Heidelberg University, Germany

This is one of the most beautiful institutions not only in Germany but in the world. It is known for stunning red-brick buildings and particularly its library. This building was constructed in 1901-1905 by Josef Durm. It combines two massive architectural styles – Renaissance and Art Nouveau.

Heidelberg University

Photo via Facebook

Another amazing part of the campus is the Rector’s Office. It has been inspiring students from the 18th century with its red and white structure. It also hosts the institution’s museum and prison that is not used today, of course.

University of Southern Denmark

Not everything beautiful in Europe has to be old. This one is a relatively new institution founded in 1998. For example, the School of Communications and Design is located in an ultra-modern and stylish building on the river bank. The architect behind it is Henning Larsen.

Each of the university’s seven campuses has its distinct look. Henning Larsen also designed the main institution’s building in Kolding’s harbor. It is a stunning triangular-shaped construction that responds to the weather changes.

University of Bologna, Italy

Italy in itself is a wonderful place to live. And the northern part of it hosts this amazing institution. It is one of the oldest colleges in the world, as it was founded in 1088. So, it has a rich historical background and cultural impact.

University of Bologna

Photo via tarekfloyd.com

One of the most breathtaking buildings on this campus is Collegio di Spagna, which combines Gothic and Renaissance architectural styles. It was established in 1364 and holds the same welcoming atmosphere as centuries ago.

Another specific feature of this campus is that it blends in the city and urban landscape. In a way, it is inseparable from Bologna itself. The cobblestone streets walk one to Neoclassical greenhouses and other stunning landmarks.

The University of Oxford, UK

This list could not be full without this world-known establishment. The city houses 38 colleges, each one of them being a stunning architectural sight. Everything breathes history here, and one can feel the same emotions students felt hundred years before entering Oxford.

Some of the oldest buildings date back to the 11th century, when educational practice started here. It is all about tradition and stunning brickwork in archways and quads.

It is a truly unique destination that attracts not only students but tourists from all over the world.

University of Alcala, Spain

This is the first location that was built specifically for a university to be here. The campus is full of light and boasts intricate facades. One can marvel at historic sites here, for example, the Colegio Mayor de San Ildefonso that was established in the 16th century.

University of Alcala

Another peaceful part of the campus is Philosopher’s Courtyard, which breathes existential questions. It is surrounded by all types of greenery and bathes in sunlight.

University of Edinburgh, Scotland

This one is located in one of the most stunning places in Scotland. It offers fascinating mountain views over the region. It is especially great to marvel at the greenery from the Old College building standing out of the city’s landscape.

University of Edinburgh

This institution was founded in 1583. Thus, it has a deep and rich history to explore. The campus incorporates a lot of classic architectural styles. For instance, the Old Medical Building is designed in northern Italian Renaissance style with a red-tile roof and palazzo façade.

Also, students can enjoy George Square Gardens with its beautiful greenery.

KU Leuven, Belgium

This is another old institution that was founded more than 600 years ago. It is the oldest Catholic university worldwide and was established by the Pope. The campus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with marvelous architectural styles and gems.

KU Leuven

One can find Gothic-inspired elements and Renaissance stylistics. The stone and brickwork here is one of a kind and was carefully restored not so long ago. And the main building was a chateau in the 15th century and remains as beautiful as ever.

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

This college was established in 1592, but not all the campus buildings go back to the 16th century. For example, The Old Library was built in 1732. It remains one of the most breathtaking constructions here with a distinct cathedral look.

The college has been compared architecturally to Oxford, but it is gentler and less intimidating. It looks exactly how a person would expect an old European college to look with cobblestone pathways and green fields around.

No wonder it is popular not only among students worldwide but also among tourists coming to Ireland.

The Jagiellonian University, Poland

This institution is located in the heart of Krakow’s Old Town. Here, students and travelers can feel like time turned back a couple of centuries ago with narrow streets and picturesque houses.

Jagiellonian University

The institution is pretty old, too; it was established in 1364. One of the most stunning sites here is Collegium Novum, a principal building in a neo-Gothic style. There are also the stunning Professors’ Gardens with a lot of flora to enjoy during study breaks.

Paris-Sorbonne University, France

In the heart of the Latin Quarter district, there is a marvelous Sorbonne Building blended in the city. It is created in neo-Renaissance style with attention to detail and glorious interiors and exteriors.

The campus is just a few steps from many landmarks the capital of France has to offer. So, it blends academia and modern life together in a perfect mix.

In Summary

Of course, it is impossible to mention all the stunning campuses and colleges in Europe in one article. However, these ten stand out with breathtaking landscapes, intricate facades, beautiful forms, and intriguing interiors. They breathe history and combine prominent architectural styles.
The majority of them look a lot like they used to hundreds of years ago, which gives a distinct feel to students studying here and travelers enjoying the architecture. It is an interesting combination of old brickwork and modern-day students pacing cobblestone streets with smartphones in their hands.

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