10 Things to Do in Del Mar This Weekend

In terms of coastal living and active community, Del Mar is a state of mind and a state of being that defines our area. Dazzling landscapes, the most excellent eateries, and an array of outdoor explorations are things that make this place vibrate with life in the hearts of all its travelers. In Del Mar one has no reason to be idle as there are countless numbers of activities for everyone regardless of their age and interest ranging from walking along the calm sea beaches to the thrilling races at the Del Mar Racetrack. 

Bridge on pacific coast highway 1, Torrey Pines state beach, Del Mar, San Diego, California USA.

Bridge on pacific coast highway 1, Torrey Pines state beach, Del Mar, San Diego, California USA.
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What makes this seaside village interesting is not only its natural beauty or various activities it provides but also a sense of belonging that every tourist has. Such inherent appeal is why people come here on vacation or just decide to move here and seek out top moving services in Del Mar to help them embrace their coastal life smoothly. It’s not an exaggeration if we say that when you go to Del Mar what you do actually find is your piece of heaven whether it’s about falling in love with the ocean waters, planning for adventurous weekends ahead, or leading a serene life within your neighborhood.

  1. Hit the Beach

    Aerial view of Del Mar coastline and beach, San Diego County, California, USA

    Aerial view of Del Mar coastline and beach, San Diego County, California, USA
    Photo by depositphotos.com

    Del Mar’s coast is a place for the beach lovers; it is where one can bask in the sunshine on the peaceful sand and can also engage in watersports that give an adrenaline rush. The most popular one among all is Del Mar City Beach, with its flat surf and clean appearance, probably it is the ideal one for both swimming and surfing. It offers wonderful scenery with the Niagara coast that Southern California beach towns are popular for. Want to feel really good and also be tan like in the movies? Then this is your spot.

    Furthermore, it cannot be said that Del Mar is all about surfing and building sand castles too. Also on the southern bluffs, farther north, there are better trails where one can just wind in and experience the ocean without being bothered by the public. Furthermore, despite all troubles, Dog Beach stands as a reminder of such a joyful municipality; it is for the homeless, the abandoned or the runaway pets. Families who are seeking for something exciting and also want a rest in natal conservancies can get what they need in Torrey Pines State Beach because it is a beach with various amenities. Consequently, those beaches are the very embodiment of a subset of Del Mar’s larger delights.

  2. Del Mar Racetrack Adventures

    Del Mar Thoroughbred kicks off it's 2009 season as the horses leave the gate for the first race opening day Wednesday, July 22, 2009 at the seaside oval in Del Mar, CA.

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    The Del Mar Racetrack is more than just a place; it is the embodiment of the luxurious and exciting way of life in Del Mar. Its history traces back to when it was established in 1937, and thus has evolved to be an important cultural asset that hosts racing games that attracts individuals from all over the country. This makes a unique entertainment experience both glamorous and easy to get into because it combines race thrill with social scenes around the races. For this reason, where else other than the racetrack’s home at the confluence of magnificent ocean waves and elegantly turfed fields, could such events take place.

  3. Soar Above in a Hot Air Balloon

    Del Mar Hot Air Balloon

    Photo by Flickr

    Even though traveling with Del Mar Magical Adventure Balloon Rides is one of the best ways to see Del Mar from an innovative perspective. The magnificent views of the white sands, mansions, and lush golf courses let themselves out as if they are telling you hello as you gently rise up in the sky offering you a view of such beauty that is so breathtaking and yet at the same serene. This kind of experience, which would fit an important occasion or the best end of the day, expresses the spirit of the gorgeous views Del Mar offers and luxurious way of life. The champagne toast is certainly there to give this adventure a touch of class and also make the whole thing so romantic.

  4. Golfing at Torrey Pines

    Golf Course at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, California, aerial panorama

    Golf Course at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, California
    Photo by depositphotos.com

    Torrey Pines Golf Course is a virtual mecca for golf aficionados, teeming with a great mix of challenging play and splendid sceneries that are unmatched. With tournaments such as the Farmers Insurance Open, it is a known fact that the course hosts games from around the world, bringing legends of golf closer home. The course is built in the best way to utilize the coast cliffs and panoramic ocean view, the user has an assumption of being part of nature rather than just sport lover, so they are allowed other than playing the sport.

  5. Del Mar Farmers Market

    Every Sunday morning there is a Farmer's Market on Del Mar in San Clemente

    Photo by Flickr

    Within its nook in the sophisticated carriage of calmness of Del Mar Village lies the gem of the Del Mar Farmers Market taking pride in local produce, artisanal crafts and international cuisine. It demonstrates the community’s conscientious attitude towards sustainability and gives them support for farmers and craftsmen in the region. Visitors can wander through stalls stuffed with all kinds of fresh produce, gourmet specialties, succulent fruits and vegetables full of texture and taste that make Southern California’s culinary scene so much exciting. 

    This market isn’t just a place to shop; it’s a place to relate—to the food, the people and the culture of Del Mar. It provides a special chance for interconnectedness, when one can actually communicate directly with the producers, learn about the source of the food and even get cooking tips and recipes. This dialogue is fulfilling by nature, hence, every shopping trip becomes more than just purchasing food items, but a trip into the community’s kitchen and its traditions.

  6. Nature Trails and Hikes

    Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is more than a park; it is a sanctuary, where the beauty of nature is protected and deified. Being rugged, with the rare Torrey Pine trees, and framed by the far-reaching views of the Pacific Ocean, the reserve makes an excellent mix of trails that attract hikers into the heart of this special ecological zone. Every trail takes you to a new journey of discovering different aspects of the reserve, from the serene landscapes to the dynamic relationship between land and water. The trails are suitable for all levels of hikers, meaning that everyone irrespective of whether a light walker or a keen hiker can have their choice of a route which is just for them.

  7. Savor Fine Dining

    The cuisine at Del Mar is a reflection of its coastal location, which creatively highlights the abundance from the sea as well as the farms’ richness. While walking downtown the restaurant stands out with their oceanfront location. Most of the restaurants that have such breathtaking views, serve an eclectic cuisine of an excellent quality. From the daily catch handcrafted by a chef to national cuisine that carries the diners through the world, dining choices in Del Mar hits every taste. The highlight of locally sourced ingredients guarantees each meal not only flavorful but also ecologically responsible, emphasizing our local produce that distinguishes Southern California with its unique cuisine.

  8. Relax at Fletcher Cove

    Fletcher Cove Beach Park

    Photo by Flickr

    The delineation of Fletcher Cove Beach Park works as the wonderful background where you’d enjoy the beach and a beautiful picture scenery. You will be able to experience this place that is recognized for its vast green spaces, picnic tables, and family right here. This is a wonderful location to visit it and appreciate the beautiful coastline. The bird’s-eye view from the top of the park is simply breathtaking and one can gaze far into the vast expanse of the ocean. This is the much beloved haunt of photographers and nature lovers. It does not matter what activity it is that you like to do–rugby, soccer or any wet sport better—Fletcher Cove beats all other places you know available in this regard.

  9. Discover Highlands & One Paseo

    Del Mar Highlands and One Paseo are the new centers of Del Mar embodying the current temperament of the city combining shopping, dining and amusement together to reproduce the high-end casual attitude of Del Mar. These are the places where the creative bent of the community and the vibrancy of its entrepreneurship can be enjoyed, thanks to shop fronts selling local artisans, halls with specialty cuisines and parks decorated with public art. This atmosphere is colorful and soothing; it encourages visitors to just stroll, shop, and enjoy the things that make Del Mar a unique place. One Paseo, in specific, has already turned into a meeting point for those who wish to have a laid back, upscale dining option, to enjoy a glass of wine, or have some highly-specialized ice cream while admiring the superb scenery.

  10. Visit Free Flight

    The sanctuary is a rare gem in Del Mar which gives intimacy to the tropical birds in a calm garden oasis. In addition to being a refuge for parrots by itself, this non-profit sanctuary has a significant role in educating the public concerning the importance of avian welfare and conservation. Guests will have a unique chance to avail of direct contacts with these charismatic birds in order to establish the specie’s personality, natural way of life, as well as how their care should be done. It is a delightful event that interests people of all age groups by letting them get lessons on the importance of saving these fabulous animals and have fun at the same time.

    Get the Most Out of Your Weekend in Del Mar

    Del Mar offers something for everyone whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation or a taste of culture. When planning your weekend getaway remember to take it and cherish each moment. The real charm of Del Mar lies in its vibe and the simple pleasures of immersing yourself in its beauty and connecting with the local community.

    So pack your bags, plan your schedule and prepare for a weekend in Del Mar that will stay with you for years to come. Whether you’re surfing the waves hiking a trail or admiring a sunset Del Mar is where unforgettable memories are created.



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