10 Things You Can Only See In Kentucky

From the delightful bourbon to many outdoor attractions like the glorious Derby, Kentucky is home to a stunning mix of natural and artificial scenery unique to the beautiful southeastern state.

Although locals and tourists have associated things like the Kentucky Derby with the state, there are many more amazing things to thrill anyone.

Have you heard about Kentucky’s charm, and you are hoping to take a trip to the state? Here are the top 10 things only in KY will you find them.

Let’s dive in!

  1. Kentucky Derby

Imagine the whole of Kentucky planning and waiting for one day; in fact, just a few minutes in May for an entire year! That’s what the Kentucky Derby can do for its residents.

If you intend on relocating and making KY your home, any moving company in Kentucky would love to tell you about the fantastic Derby.

The Derby is famous for having some of the world’s most well-bred and muscular horses compete in an intense two-minute race. It’s truly a sight for the locals yearly, as this day has many celebrations before and after the race.

Many fans at the stand will don hats and various merchandise, and you, too, can join in the annual fun. Heard over to Churchill Downs in Louisville to catch the Derby in its glory.

  1. Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park
Photo by depositphotos.com

Spanning over 52,830 acres and covering nearly 400 miles, the Mammoth Cave is one of the unique wonders found only in Kentucky. It’s the world’s most extended cave system, covering about three counties of the state: Edmonson, Hart, and Berren.

Aside from being a stunning attraction for tourists and locals, there’s much to learn when you enter the cave—like its geological history. Although exploring the cave can take over an hour, it’s worth every bit of your time.

Prepare your cameras and devices as you will get views of some natural wonders like blind salamanders, cavefish, and bats residing within the cave.

  1. Kentucky Bourbon Trail

im Beam Distillery at Clermont, KY.  Jim Beam is a brand of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, one of seven distilleries along  Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

im Beam Distillery at Clermont, KY. Jim Beam is a brand of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, one of seven distilleries along Kentucky Bourbon Trail.
Photo by depositphotos.com

Now, this is another one of the major trademarks of Kentucky. You could either start or stop your tour of KY at this trail, but something suggests whiskey lovers would like to begin their tour here.

You should know that Bourbon, the pride of the commonwealth, means a lot to the Kentuckians. The trail takes its visitors through the Bluegrass area and into the heart of the distilleries.

The trail covers several notable productions, from Lux Row to Jim Beam and Michter’s Fort Nelson, which you should try samples of while passing.

  1. Home of KFC

Harland Sanders Café and Museum

Harland Sanders Café and Museum
Photo by Flickr

Before getting on a plane and traveling interstate or miles across countries, the Kentucky Fried Chicken brand had a home in KY.

One of America’s biggest, if not the world’s largest, food chain restaurants originated here. Colonel Sanders, the founder, began his unique, taste-amplifying recipe on September 24th, 1952, in Kentucky.

Till today, the origin store where the first magic happened still operates in Kentucky, delighting its customers with its special taste. If you want some of this delight from the first source, simply stop by Harland Sanders Cafe and Museum in North Corbin, Kentucky.

  1. Kentucky Horse Park

The beautiful pasture of the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky

The beautiful pasture of the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky
Photo by depositphotos.com

Can’t find this anywhere else in the world—the horse park and Kentucky’s unique heritage in the equine stage.

At the park, which is also home and venue to the popular Kentucky Derby, you could be a part of many extra activities. Visitors can explore the International Museum of the Horse, watch live races on the track, and even take a horse-drawn carriage tour.

  1. Louisville Slugger Museum

The Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory is located in the downtown Louisville

The Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory is located in the downtown Louisville
Photo by depositphotos.com

Want to learn about the histories unique to Kentucky; well, the Louisville Slugger Museum has a lot of America’s favorite sports history.

Sitting pretty in Downtown Louisville, baseball history lies in the unique museum with information and memorabilia from the most legendary players to ever play the game. You will find about 68,000 pounds of baseball bats, with one that’s a 130-year-old hanging in the museum.

If you are a baseball fan, this part of KY should really excite you; there are some interactive features you could partake in while touring the museum. For instance, you can craft personalized replica bats and view exhibits from past games.

  1. The Most Secure Building in the World

Have you ever wondered what could be the most secure place on earth? Aside from the alien home by conspiracy theorists—Area 51—Kentucky houses the place with the tightest security, Fort Knox.

The wealth of Kentucky, and by extension, the U.S., is pretty much locked up here. All that’s known about the military base located south of Louisville is that it protects over 140 million ounces of gold worth about $273 Billion.

Sadly, Fort Knox isn’t a place for public exploration; you can’t exactly get in as a vacation spot. However, it is a thing of pride for Kentuckians to know they have America’s wealth on their grounds.

  1. Louisville Mega Cavern

Although shorter than the Mammoth Cave, the Louisville Mega Cavern is an underground sight, attracting tons of visitors to its two-mile-long tunnels.

The Cavern has its unique history and what it stood for as a structure during its glory days. Originally, the cave tunnels were for mining limestone, but now they have become a museum for visitors to tour.

You can experience zip lining inside the cave or check out the haunted house during Halloween. On average, exploring through every corner of the cave might take about two hours.

  1. Chained Rock

Chained Rock

Photo by Flickr

The story behind the Chained Rock in Kentucky is quite legendary and heroic.

On a cliff in Eastern Kentucky above Pineville sits a large rock that has hung there for over a century. However, in 1933, a group of Pineville residents grew tired of the complaints and fear from the locals that the rock would one day fall and flatten the town.

What did the band of heroes do? They put a giant chain around the rock and anchored it to the cliff.

While noble and courageous of these residents, the “large rock” didn’t threaten the town. It was simply a part of the cliff bulging outwards. Till today, the chain remains there even though it isn’t really doing much.

  1. Kentucky’s Basketball Fan base

The Big Blue Nation fans are simply the best! The love and pride Kentuckians have for their team in blue and white shirts is something everyone admires.

KY’s love for basketball is pretty well-known, and the Kentucky Wildcats men’s team feels it the most! The team usually gets fans queuing up to get free tickets for even their practice sessions; it’s crazy!

If you’re ever in Lexington, Kentucky, you should stop by the Rupp Arena to catch a live game. You would enjoy the chant, screams, and energy from fans to lighten up your stay in Kentucky.

Last Words

Looking at the southeastern region states of the U.S., Kentucky has tons of attractions that are simply unique to its shores. If you have ever wanted to visit KY, you should get ready for a few outdoor attractions like you have never seen.

Once you’re in Kentucky and ready for your tour, check out the 10 things only in KY from this list, and you can be sure of a fantastic experience in the Bluegrass State.

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