6 Best Summer Travel Ideas for Students

Traveling is proven to have numerous benefits. It helps form a character, develop a personality, gain various vital life skills, and much more. Therefore, it is believed to be especially beneficial for students.

Of course, we all know that modern students’ schedules are packed. They deal with lots of assignments and other chores on a daily basis. And even during summer, some of you might have to work on different tasks and projects, which can get in the way of your travel plans. But no worries! You need to know that you can always order custom writing help at EssayService and free more time for your adventures. So, where should you set off? Below is the list of the top six ideas to consider!

1. Thailand

Being one of the most fascinating and popular countries in Asia, Thailand attracts millions of visitors. And it has quite a lot to offer them. Some of the biggest highlights of the country include beautiful nature, distinctive culture, delicious cuisine, and of course, lots of exciting tourist sights. If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable experience in Thailand, then it’s all about Koh Tao, where you can find stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and incredible diving opportunities.

Apart from this, Thailand is known for its rich wildlife. The country is home to many sanctuaries where you can meet different animals. To get the most inspiring and unforgettable experience, students can even join volunteer programs and get a chance to work with local animals.

2. Peru

Want a real adventure full of fun and excitement? Then Peru is your best bet. Known for rich nature, wildlife, and history, this destination is undoubtedly the best for exploring the world around you. So be sure to consider visiting it this summer.

What to check out in Peru? Machu Picchu is probably the most obvious answer for young people looking for an adventure. This worldwide famous sight is one of the biggest highlights of this area. It will perfectly suit students who don’t mind becoming backpackers for a while because attending this place will likely take some hiking. But if you are up for this, rest assured that it will be the experience of a lifetime.

3. Ibiza

Are you a real party animal? If the answer is yes, there is no better place for you to visit than Ibiza. We bet that many of you have already heard at least something about this small Spanish island located in the Mediterranean sea. For decades, Ibiza has been considered one of the most epic and fun partying locations in the world. So it might be something students will also enjoy.

This destination is known for incredible nightlife with great music, loud parties, and some of the best DJ sets in the world. Apart from this, the island can offer you lots of fun activities and stunning beaches. It is worth noting that Ibiza is not the cheapest destination on this list. But if it’s within your budget, be sure to consider it!

4. Tenerife

The next summer getaway destination for students that we want to share with you is another Spanish island. But it has a whole different vibe than Ibiza. Tenerife is the largest one among the Canary Islands located in the Pacific Ocean and also the most popular one.

This destination attracts tourists with beautiful surroundings, a wide choice of exciting activities, great weather, and wildlife. Unlike Ibiza, Tenerife is a bit more tranquil. But definitely not less exciting. If you love animals and nature and don’t mind having a very typical beach vacation, this place is for you!

5. Portugal

Bordering Spain, Portugal is a much cheaper but no less exciting destination. This country is located in the South of Europe, and it’s definitely one of those locations that students will enjoy. Portugal can surprise you with stunning beaches, a friendly atmosphere, authentic architecture, and many other things.

But do you know what Portugal is most famous for? There are two major things that attract tourists to this country – seafood and surfing. While visiting this location, you will be able to enjoy delicious seafood at rather low prices. And if you are a fan of waves, you can also enjoy fun surfing activities in the area.

6. Indonesia

If you are fascinated by western culture, one more destination you should consider (apart from Thailand) is Indonesia. This Asian country can’t help but fascinate tourists with its breathtaking views, vibrant culture, and many exciting sights.

While traveling to this country, you can enjoy both active tourism and sunny beaches. You can go hiking and surfing, enjoy the local nightlife, and check out the stunning temples and other sites located in the area. Best part? Indonesia is incredibly student-friendly in terms of cost. At this moment, it is possible to find comfortable, high-quality accommodations for under $20. The cost of food and entertainment is also low. So there is no better place to visit on a tight student budget!

The Bottom Line

Planning every upcoming vacation is surely exciting. But it is also hard. Today, travelers all around the world have access to a huge array of exciting destinations, and each has something unique to offer them. So making this choice can be a real challenge.

If you are a student traveler looking for an ideal destination for your summer getaway, now you have a list of exciting ideas that you can consider. Learn more about each option to find something to suit your needs.

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