A Game of Thrones Themed Ice Hotel

When thinking of Lapland, the first thing comes to mind is a Santa Claus, with reindeer and helpers. But Lapland, Finland is also home to a beautiful ice hotel. Its not just any other ice hotel out there: it is a Game of Thrones themed.

For the construction of the hotel 350 tons of ice and over 44 million pounds of snow was spent. Guests are recommended to stay only for one night, because the rooms are kept at a temperature of -5°C (23°F). The hotel has only 24 room, but only 10 of them are equipped for overnight stay. The interior of rooms follows the theme. There are snow drawings and sculptures of crocodiles, dire-wolves and dragons. But most amazing is the sculpture of White Walkers, with lit up blue eyes. Also, it has the Hall of Faces and an Iron Throne made of ice. Of coarse, everything is made of ice. Also, there is an ice rooms, an ice bar, an ice restaurant and even a wedding chapel.

So, if you are a Game of thrones fan the snow village is a must see place for you. But, you have to hurry up, because the hotel will be open until April 2018 or until it melts.

Lapland Hotels Snow Village
Lainiotie 566
99120 Kittilä


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