A Medieval French Town on the Edge of a Giant Hole

Bozouls village is located in Aveyron region, southern France. The village has been existing for almost a ten centuries and it is located on the edge of a horseshoe-shaped canyon cliff.

Bozouls is a land dotted, with gorges. It is located on a limestone plateau and the Dordeau River flows straight through it. Over the years water slowly erode the rock, thus leading to the creation of a breathtaking landscape.

Through the Hole Street or The Rue de Trou, visitors are able to be taken to the edge of this mysterious and magical feature, with a heart-stopping drop of about 328ft. The hole is estimated to be about 1,312 ft wide.

Hole Street circa 1910.

Bozouls hides one of the greatest treasures in Europe named Conques. Also, the village is the old stomping ground of the Templars, also referred to as the Knights Templar.

Bozouls still maintains its ancient and Roman history. There is the sculpture named “God of Bozouls”, that has been unearthed on the ancient town premises. There is also the presence of cyclopean stone walls, which are massive in size covering this village.

Today, about 3,000 people live in this ancient village and it provides the best place for viewing the Bozouls Hole for free. You can walk along the Hole Street, while sipping espresso bought from the nearby café.

Visitors can picnic adjacent to the Dourdou River and its old ruins. Experience what the charming Borie has to offer. This is simply a stone structure, which was used by shepherds for storing their farm produce or for shelter during a passing storm.

Another famous attraction site in the area is the Sainte-Faustechurch built in the 12th century. The church is located at the end of an outcrop of dizzying height.

For visitors, who are tired of mainstream tourist routs, Bozouls is a must see.

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