A night in a Beagle’s Belly

Image credit:Erin_pass/Flickr

Image credit:Erin_pass/Flickr

Driving through the rural area of Idaho can get boring at times, until the two giant Beagles on the side of the road draw your attention.

An American family has taken their love of beagle dogs further than anyone can imagine. They have created Dog Bark Park Inn, a guesthouse in the shape of a beagle. The two dogs Sweet Willy and Toby are most likely the world’s weirdest hotel and an attractive place to stay for tired travelers.

To access the interior you have to climb a ladder of stairs that is situated at a height comparable to that of a second-floor balcony. Not only the dog, but also the furniture and interiors were handmade by Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin. The couple is famous for their chainsaw cut wooden dogs in various poses.

While the master bedroom is in the dog’s sternum, the relaxation room can be found in the head. Two hotel-dogs can be found at the farm, which are furnished with a microwave, a fridge, air conditioning, books and board games, a fully equipped bathroom, but no TV or radio. A night’s stay in one of the world’s biggest beagle costs 92 dollars and it includes breakfast.

The owners decided to open the hotel in 2003 after their main business – selling folk-art style wooden carvings – took off in 1995 after a TV show apparition.

Official Website.
Dog Bark Park is located in north central Idaho on US Hwy 95 at Cottonwood, Idaho.

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