Abraham Lake: A Guide to Alberta’s Frozen Bubble Wonderland

Alberta, Canada is often celebrated as one of the world’s great winter wonderlands. Alberta is home to majestic glaciers, sprawling ski slopes, and plenty of quaint snow-covered towns that look as though they should be immortalized in a snow globe. One of Alberta’s premier winter attractions is a multitude of perfectly round bubbles that appear suspended in time when Abraham Lake freezes.

Located in the shadow of the Canadian Rockies, Abraham Lake is uniquely prone to producing a dazzling sheet of ice due to subzero temperatures and high winds that continually sweep away snow. The winds ensure that the circular bubbles that appear in Abraham Lake’s ice—which occur when trapped methane gas escapes from decomposing plant matter—are on full display.

Preachers Point is a shallow section of Abraham Lake that is one of the best spots to view the lake’s mesmerizing columns of frozen bubbles. Visitors can also view Abraham Lake’s placid lakebed beneath crystal clear sections of the lake’s ice.

The shallow sections of Abraham Lake are much safer for visitors who would like to venture onto the lake’s frozen surface. It is not uncommon to see visitors walking on the ice, taking selfies, or even ice skating. However, it’s important to exercise caution as there are reports of people falling through the ice every year. It is best to not venture too far from the shoreline if you set foot on Abraham Lake’s frozen exterior.

There are numerous cold weather marvels in Alberta, but a trek to see Abraham Lake’s frozen bubbles is certainly a journey that is worth taking. There are several tour companies that offer excursions to Abraham Lake. Booking a tour allows you to relax on a toasty tour bus. This way, you can enjoy the journey without the worries of driving and parking before witnessing one of Mother Nature’s most spectacular winter creations.


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