Curve Appeal: Alabama’s Natural Bridge

Close to Alabama’s William Bank National Forest, stands a small cave area with a curved bridge. The bridge is 60ft tall and 148 ft long. However, it’s not the bridge’s size that makes it unique, but the fact that it’s completely natural. Consisting of iron ore and sandstone, the bridge was formed over 200 million years ago.

Natural Bridge Alabama

Today, visitors can gain entry to Natural Bridge Park for just $3,50. Even though it’s not permitted to walk on the bridge, visitors are welcome to take a stroll underneath.

Nearby, they’ll find a carving of an American Indian head. It is similar to one, found on a buffalo nickel. Also, the couple, who own the park run a gift shop there. So, visitors can purchase some souvenirs.

Natural Bridge Alabama

Natural Bridge

The bridge has placed the park firmly on the tourism map. It may not be a tourist attraction yet, but the bridge stands patiently, with its beautiful curvature among stunning rock formations and lush surrounding forest.

Location: County RD 314
Natural Bridge, Alabama, 35577
United States

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