Alki Avenue’s Floral Masterpiece: West Seattle’s Flower Houses

The Flower Houses, nestled in West Seattle, provide a vibrant and unique presence to Alki Avenue. Sandwiched between towering condominiums, these two remarkable homes stand out against the urban monotone.

Alki Flower Houses - Two of the Last Remaining Chalets on Alki Avenue

Photo by Flickr

These iconic Flower Houses, owned by Randie Stone, are a local treasure and a major tourist attraction. Constructed in 1914, these homes have remarkably withstood urbanization in this sought-after neighborhood of West Seattle. Stone, who bought these houses in 1989 after relocating from Hawaii, attributes the islands’ influence for the colorful explosion of flora adorning her homes. A vivid array of red, purple, and pink blossoms contrast against the lush greenery spilling from each window box. Additional features include a public water fountain and a driftwood swing, offering a chance to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Alki Beach flower house - front view

Photo by Flickr

Endorsed as an official wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation, the houses cater to a diverse range of visitors. Stone’s garden sanctuary is a haven not only for birds, bees, and butterflies but also for inquisitive travelers wishing to partake in her vision and appreciate the scenic beauty.

Alki Beach Houses

Photo by Flickr

The houses showcase their best floral display in June when the flowers are at their peak bloom.

1400 Alki Ave SW
Seattle, Washington, 98116
United States

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