An Amplifying Experience at the Center of the Universe, Tulsa, Oklahoma

When you think of Oklahoma, the first thing comes to mind is not center of the universe. However, Center of the Universe is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It can be easily spotted by its distinctive circular brick formation, surrounding a smaller concrete circle. What makes this exact spot one-of-a-kind, is its acoustic properties, that defy every law of Physics.

Just step foot onto the concrete circle and you’ll be immediately surrounded by an acoustic vacuum. Make a sound and it will be echoed right back at you 7 times over. Due to the acoustic vacuum, the sound of a foghorn going off within that circle, wouldn’t be heard. Sound of a voice within the circle, is heard a little distorted outside the circle.

There are many theories behind this odd and unique phenomenon, but they have no confirmed explanation. Putting that aside, it sure is a neat place to visit for a once in a lifetime experience.

The Center of the Universe is located exactly northwest from the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame and north of the Willams Center Tower. So the next time you’re in Tulsa, get in that circle and give a holler.

Location: 20 E Archer St
Tulsa, Oklahoma
United States

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