Aogashima Island

A couple of hundred miles to the south of Tokyo in the Philippine Sea lies the island of Aogashima. Administered by Tokyo and part of the Izu Archipelago, the island’s 205 inhabitants (2009) enjoy a type of solitude that many will never experience. This island is known for having a volcanic caldera within a larger caldera, which makes the island’s unique shape resemble a tropical scene from the set of Jurassic Park or Lost. Only accessible by boat or helicopter, one could end up trapped here pretty easily if the seas get rough or a tropical storm makes its way in.

Likely the best way for someone to take an adventure here is to fly to one of the larger islands in the archipelago like Hachijō-jima that has a landing strip and organize a helicopter flight here. Getting there is an adventure akin to a James Bond mission, which is likely why not many ever make the journey.

These remote islands are truly a great place to relax. It is part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park system which encompasses many of the islands in the area, so a trip would definitely require a bit of island hopping to take in all of the surrounding beauty.

On Aogashima there isn’t much to do, but the serenity is probably one of the biggest attractions on a visit.

In the center of the island lies a geothermal sauna, scuba diving is popular, and the alien landscape is something you will never forget. Be careful though, this is still an active volcano. In 1785, 140 of the 327 person population perished in a massive eruption. It has been over 200 years since the last eruption, so the volcano might be in store for an eruption. Beware.

Location: Izu Islands, Philippine Sea, Japan

Sources: VisualNews, Wikipedia.

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