Apostle Islands, Wisconsin: Lake Superior’s Stunning Sea Caves

The name “Apostle Island sea caves” is slightly deceptive. The Apostle Island sea caves aren’t located on a picturesque sea in a warm tropical paradise. The Apostle Island sea caves are part of Lake Superior—one of North America’s coldest and most impressive Great Lakes. In the winter, Apostle Island in Wisconsin—which is composed of 22 small islands—freezes over and becomes a stunning ice palace fit for a snow queen.

Apostle Islands

During the summer months, the orange sea caves of Apostle Island are only accessible by boat. Some seasoned kayakers prefer to kayak between sea caves. When Lake Superior defrosts, most of the Apostle Island sea caves become inundated with water, which makes them largely impassable, If the temperature drops low enough, Lake Superior becomes a thick sheet of ice that grants cold weather enthusiasts access to caverns adorned with giant icicles.

If you’re not a cold weather person, never fear—Apostle Island is just as thrilling in the summer. From June-August, visitors can journey by boat to several historic lighthouses. The Sand Island lighthouse has a lovely brick tower that dates back to 1881. Apostle Island is a prime spot for fishing, exploring old growth forests, and viewing wildlife such as black bears. Lake Superior is celebrated for its diverse ecosystem and pristine waters.

Apostle Islands

Apostle Island’s sandstone sea caves are geological wonders that many travelers say are some of the most beautiful sea caves in the world. Every season brings an entirely new viewing experience. In January, you will be greeted by cascading icicles. In June, you will be surrounded by deep blue water and towering orange rocks that resemble the Anasazi dwellings in the Four Corners region. The Apostle Island sea caves are conductive to multiple visits. Thanks to ever-changing Lake Superior, the Apostle Island sea caves never appear the same twice.

apostle islands

Apostle Islands Wisconsin

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