Beautiful Country House in Russia

There is a picturesque region, stretching along the banks of the Vigi river. It is located between Suda and Chukhloma: about 340 miles from Moscow. 25 years ago there was the village of Pogorelovo, the first written mention of which dates back to the beginning of the 17th century. Today, there is not much left of the village, but, a single abandoned house.

The wooden house has never been restored, thus its original decor and interior was preserved. The house was built in 1902-1903, by a local peasant Ivan Polyashov, nicknamed Polyash. Although, after the revolution of 1917, communists took away all of the agricultural equipment and cattle, that belong to Polyashov family, the house was left to them. The family lived in their home, but only on the 1st floor. The rest of the premises were occupied by different offices.

Poliashov died in his house, but his wife had to leave the village, immediately after the funeral of her husband.

Update: In the 1970s, the house was bought by an artist from Moscow. Today, he cares of the house. Though, no one lives in it.

Just an hour drive from this country house, tourists can stay in a similar looking wooden house.


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