Best Places In The World To Go Spearfishing

The most breathtaking places on earth seem hidden from many, and spearfishers will agree that they are some of the few that can say they have observed nature’s beauty at its finest. From the warm tropical waters to the cooler waters of the Atlantic, there is a whole new world underwater just waiting to be explored.

Scuba Diver with Spear Gun near Coral Bottom

Some locations genuinely have it all, with incredible scenery above and below water. Many spearfishers don’t see their hobby as a sport but as something filled with awe and wonder, color and depth, that they can’t find anywhere else. 

Even if they aren’t competing, they may still prefer to have a speargun as gorgeous as the places visited, which means they could choose from a variety of speargun wood types that will be durable enough for their needs.

It is for these reasons that they will often seek out the best places in the world to go spearfishing, and below are some of the most popular destinations they may visit to show off their speargun skills:

  • Indonesia

Indonesia is a must on the list for those seeking a tropical paradise to kick back and relax in between their fishing trips. The beautiful green tropical plants, sandy beaches, and crystal-clear water make the perfect backdrop for catching some sun and the best fish like amberjacks, tuna, or barracuda.

  • Florida

As far as one can see, the hot climate and beaches attract many tourists to Florida, including spearfishers. Along with all the breathtaking attractions, palm trees swaying in the wind, and a warm sunny climate, there are plenty of fish species to go diving for with a speargun, like mahi-mahi, wahoo, and tuna. 

  • Thailand

People living in Thailand enjoy a daily diet that contains lots of fresh fish and other seafood because they have an abundant supply surrounding their islands. Furthermore, many visitors would like to experience a taste of Thai culture along with the thrill of the catch when they go spearfishing. Although spearfishing isn’t illegal, specific areas and species like parrotfish, tigerfish, and sharks are protected by law, so before diving in, check with the local authorities for their guidelines.

  • California

Fishing is one of the top pastimes for Americans, with around 55 million flocking to the water for a catch. Not only is California known for surfing and lazy beach days, but the spearfishing here is phenomenal with various fish species. Furthermore, San Diego seems to be the favorite destination for spearfishers because of the warmer waters that host halibut, bass, and yellowtail on the shoreline.

  • Cape Verde

There is nothing more alluring than an African sunset unless you are a spearfisher traveling to Cape Verde. Warm weather and a warm welcome are in store for those who decide to try the cooler waters of the Cape. Fortunately, there is no shortage of big game fish to hunt, like sailfish and marlin, while many spearfishers enjoy the thrill of chasing the predator fish wahoo at their top speed of 60 miles per hour. 

  • Hawaii

If you’re looking for a tropical retreat along a spearfishing trip within the US, Hawaii is your top pick. The Hawaiian Islands are home to a rich culture of natural foods that the locals source from the surrounding waters. 

In true Hawaiian tradition, scuba spearfishing isn’t allowed, which gives spearfishers a taste of how the original Lawai’as, the most respected spearfishers of the area, used to catch ono (Hawaiian translation for wahoo), billfish, and barracuda many years ago.

  • Mexico

Many visit Mexico to go to Cancun for spring break or see the Mayan ruins for a history lesson. Some may prefer lazing around in one of the many resorts along the coast. But for spearfishers, a twenty-minute boat ride to just outside Cozumel will see them spearing tigerfish, snapper, grouper, or lionfish that live in abundance around these parts of the ocean.

  • Portugal

With a history of spearfishers catching monster fish around the waters of Portugal, many will seasonally visit the region to try their luck. Fishing spots like the Azores, Princess Alice Bank, and Algarve house species like the albacore tuna, the yellowfin tuna, and the white marlin.

It is also one of the few places where spearfishers will find bluefin tuna to add to their list of caught species. However, local authorities are considering possibly limiting the number of these fish per catch to protect the local ecosystem. This means spearfishers can only go after this specific fish species if they have the correct permits.

The Final Catch

spearfisher swims on the surface of the sea after diving with fish

Spearfishing is a sport or hobby that many who love the ocean will enjoy. The beautiful balance between enjoying the relaxing environment and the thrill of the hunt makes spearfishing the perfect escape from the daily hustle, especially when visiting some of the most breathtaking places on earth.

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