Castle Stalker: An Isolated Scottish Land Of History

From its strange setting to the mountains background and its historical design, Castle Stalker is definitely one of the most interesting places to visit in Scotland. The building, which is located on a small island called Loch Laich, has been there since 1388 and holds the history of many kings, secret deals and impressive architecture.

The castle is one of the 40 locations included in the Lynn of Lorn National Scenic Area. Also, its one of the best preserved tower-houses in western Scotland. The castle was built in 1320 by the Lords of Lorn; such as Clan MacDougall. About 68 years later, the Stewarts replaced the former Lords of Lorn. Legend says, that the Stewarts made changes in the architecture of the castle.

In 1440, King James IV of Scotland, which supposedly was related to the Stewarts, took over the building. Much later on, in 1620, Clan Campbell came to visit King James IV. One night, while drinking, the two made a bet on the castle. As historical sources mention, this is how Clan Campbell got the place.

Finally, in 1840, the Campbells left the castle, due to its poor condition. Shortly after they left, the castle lost its roof. A couple of decades later, in 1908, Charles Stewart of Achara became fascinated by the castle. He bought the entire place and restored it over the years. However, the castle was fully restored in 1965, when Lt. Col. D. R. Stewart Allward bought the building. The reparations lasted for 10 years, but in the end, the building looked incredible.

Today, Castle Stalker remains under private ownership. However, visitors can visit the place, during the summer season. Even though, it might be quite difficult to get to the island, its definitely worth visiting.

Reaching Castle Stalker and Essential Information

To reach Castle Stalker, make your way to Appin, which is situated on the A828 between Ballachulish and Connel.

Keep in mind that the most feasible method of reaching Castle Stalker is by taking a boat trip, and numerous steps must be traversed. As a result, access for wheelchair users or those with mobility challenges is not available.

Castle Stalker tours typically operate from April through September. The pricing takes into account the funding required to preserve this captivating destination in Western Scotland.

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