Catch the medieval charm in Český Krumlov of Czech Republic

The charming cobblestone-paved town of Cesky Krumlov is tucked away in the quaint hills at the south of Czech Republic. The Old Town is a place, where you can experience classic festivities and the old Baroque Theatre. Also, visit the royal castle, that stands tall with a 162-step and climb up the ancient tower.

The town of Cesky Krumlov has been home to settlers from Celtic, German and Slavic tribes, giving the town a very rich and diverse culture and history. The 16th-century is known to be the town’s Golden Age, as artists, scientists and alchemists flocked there from all over Europe.

There’s lots to see across the old town: attend a show at the Baroque Theatre, visit the Puppet Museum, or get a taste of the local nightlife at the lively Gypsy Pub.

Make sure to visit in time for the town’s must see event: the Five Petaled Rose Celebration, which pays tribute to the town’s medieval roots. There’s lots of beer to drink, and all sorts of festivities ranging from craft fairs, fencing duels, fire breathers, historical stage plays and a fireworks show. Make sure to dress like a local and come in a medieval costume for a full-on immersive experience. Plan your trip around mid-June to be in time for the festivities.

Český Krumlov Tourist information Center website.


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