Chandelier Tree: Drive Thru One of California’s Most Famous Redwood Trees

In the early 20th century, “tree tunnels” were all the rage. Motorists rejoiced when they could cut a hole in a stately tree and transform it into a natural tunnel. California‘s towering Chandelier Tree—located in the town of Leggett—was created in the 1930s so that travelers would have an unforgettable photo opportunity.

In the 21st century, tree tunnels are frowned upon because they cause irreparable harm to towering trees that take centuries to grow. By some great miracle, the Chandelier Tree—which is named after elegant limbs that naturally hang like a chandelier—is still thriving nearly a century after its unfortunate turn as a tree tunnel. For a small fee, visitors can walk or drive beneath the stately Chandelier Tree and marvel at its resilience. The Chandelier Tree features a sign that lists its height, diameter, and age. It’s certainly not every day that you have the opportunity to drive thru a 2,100-year-old tree.

Leggett, nearly halfway between the borders of Canada and Mexico, can be found just off the vital US Highway 101. The renowned Chandelier Tree not only enthralls visitors with its majesty, but also features a gift shop and an inviting picnic area for an enhanced experience.


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