The Tranquility of Singapore Changi Airport’s Renovated Terminal 2: A Nature-Inspired Oasis for Travelers and Locals

The Singapore Changi Airport’s recently renovated Terminal 2—otherwise known as T2—looks more like a nature preserve or a Zen garden than a place where people go to enter and exit airplanes. Adorned with lush plants, soft colors, and a soothing digital waterfall, Terminal 2 is one of the greenest and most relaxing airport terminals on Earth. With a departure area known as Dreamscape, T2 is more conducive to blissful meditation than frantic stressing over a flight delay.

In the wake of a massive renovation that started just a few months prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore Changi Airport’s Terminal 2 has won rave reviews from travelers and Singapore locals alike. Terminal 2 is so cozy and relaxing that it is not uncommon for residents of Singapore with no travel plans to spend the afternoon eating, drinking, and unwinding alongside international travelers who are en route to their next adventure.

Terminal 2’s Gourmet Garden features several restaurants and lounges that serve delectable local fare. There is even a 2-story duty-free wine and spirits store equipped with a robotic bartender named Toni. Toni serves cocktails against the backdrop of an LED projection of a lake with a moon reflected on it. The LED projection celebrates a poem called “Drinking Alone Under the Moon” by poet Li Bai.

An airport terminal may not seem like the ideal place for a romantic date or a meditative stroll, but T2’s flowing greenery and serene images of waterfalls and moonlit lakes will truly transport you to a tranquil place that is the farthest thing from a bustling airport terminal. Just ask the Singapore locals who frequent T2 as often as they frequent local restaurants, bars, and shopping centers. Terminal 2 is so cozy, you may even find yourself secretly wishing for a flight delay.

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