Cliffside Shop: ‘The World’s Most Remote Pop-Up Shop’ at 300ft high

Colorado is a home to the Rocky Moutains and many canyons, one of them is Eldorado Canyon. The place is well known among rock climbers, because of the Bastille Crack.

Considering the overall type of a climb: length, number of hard pitches, difficulty and time, this route is given 5.8 rating. This means, that route is considered to be easy for experienced and intermediate climbers. But, many beginners choose the Bastille to improve their technique and master their skills.

The weather condition does not always favor the climbers and it may change in no time.The climbers encounter wind, rain and the temperature rise and drop. They may plan ahead, but you cant be fully prepared for everything. Well, that’s when the creativity comes handy.

Advanced materials company Work in Progress, along with 37.5 Technology, came up with the idea of a pop up Cliffside Shop. The 6 by 10 foot store was assembled and was pulled up 300 feet and hooked onto the mountain. The climbers were greeted, with warm smile, warm clothes and encouraging words on their way up to the peak. In two days the store handed out weather protection clothes to around 70 climbers.

Besides, of fun and games the event raised $15,000 for local climbing route improvement, and for raising awareness on the issue of public land preservation.
According to WIP’s creative director Matt Talbot, lovers of an active leisure can find another pop up stores in some remote locations in the future. “We’re willing to go to extreme lengths to get them gear, when they need it most” Talbot said.


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