Cycle through the Trees at Bosland Forest, Belgium

Where in the world can you experience a healthy cycling route, while breathing fresh and tranquil forest air? Look no further, than the Belgium forest of Bosland, in the province of Limburg.

It is located just an hour away from Brussels, on the way to the famous Limburg cycle network and to junction 272 in Bosland. Ingenious double-circle pathway, allows you to zip through the trees and feel the wind in your hair. This unique pathway spans roughly 2297 feet and is 328 feet wide, which leaves ample space for cyclists to really enjoy and become one with nature. The path gradually elevates up to heights of 32 feet, before lowering at the end of the double circle path. This gives visitors a one of a kind cycling experience, that lets cyclists to greater heights, while they enjoy the magnificent view of nature’s bounty of the Bosland forest.

So, get out there and experience riding your bike in an amazing natural setting.

“Cycling Through the Trees” comes after the grand opening of “Cycling Through the Water,” another cool feature on the Limburg bike network emphasizing connection with nature. On that one, the cycle path stakes you right through the pond from one bank to another, below water level.

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