Cypress Springs: Florida’s Pristine Hidden Spring

When most people think of Florida, they think of the ritzy beaches of Miami Beach, or the white sandy beaches of Panama City. Florida is home to many hidden natural wonders. One of the most remarkable is Cypress Springs. Cypress Springs is a stunning natural spring basin with several Cypress trees growing in the water that is located in Northwest Florida. The inviting blue waters of Cypress Springs have long been a favorite among locals who are seeking a less touristy destination for relaxation and recreation.

Cypress Spring, Florida

Cypress Springs is a gargantuan, pristine natural spring that expels nearly 65 million gallons of water per day. Spring water is celebrated for its high mineral content and time-honored healing properties. Soaking in the clear waters of Cypress Springs is an excellent way to ease muscle pain, joint pain, and various skin maladies such as eczema. The gorgeous blue waters of Cypress Springs remain 70 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. It is no wonder that Floridians flock to Cypress Springs to kayak, swim, and canoe. It is possible to launch a small boat or kayak on nearby Holmes Creek, and travel to Cypress Springs over the water. Holmes Creek is fairly shallow, so be prepared for some slight bumps if you attempt to reach Cypress Springs by boat.

Cypress Spring, Florida

Cypress Spring, Florida

Cypress Springs

Coldwater Excursions offer Eco Tours of the diverse landscape that surrounds Cypress Springs. There is plenty of wildlife—but, there has yet to be an alligator sighting in the crystal clear waters of Cypress Springs. If you want to the ditch the spring break crowd and soak in a pristine body of water that will leave you refreshed and revived, Cypress Springs is well worth the Northwest journey. Rent a paddleboard, kayak, or inflatable raft and allow yourself to to be swept away by the beauty of Cypress Springs.

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