Davolja Varos: Serbia’s Devilish Rock Formations

When most people think of iconic red rock formations, they envision Bryce Canyon in Utah, or the towering rocks surrounding Sedona, Arizona. Radan Mountain in Serbia is home to some of the world’s most impressive red rock formations. Legend states that dueling devils fighting to exert demonic influence over the surrounding lands created the tall, slim rock formations that look like the spires of an otherworldly church.

Davolja Varos or, Devil’s Town, as it is known in English is the result of swift erosion created by rushing water, ancient volcanic activity, and deforestation. Locals who dwell in the shadow of Radan Mountain often speculate about the spirits and devils who they believe populate Devil’s Town. Due to the alignment of the rock formations, the wind hisses and shrieks as it whips through Devil’s Town. Many locals believe that splotches of black and yellow on the red rocks is proof of a devilish presence that forever stalks Radan Mountain.

Some locals believe that the rock formations of Devil’s Town are petrified people who foolishly thought they could outsmart a devious witch. Science has proven that Devil’s Town was formed by erosion, but visitors will never stop telling tall tales about the possible origins of such a geologically curious location.

Davolja Varos

Two natural springs Devil’s Water and Red Well are located near Devil’s Town. Due to a steady supply of eroded soil that seeps into the springs, both Devil’s Water and Red Well have a startling red color. Many locals believe that the red water is meant to keep the demonic forces of Devil’s Town in check, and stop them from inflicting harm on the residents of nearby villages. Thanks to an endless stream of soil deposits, Devil’s Water is brimming with minerals such as sulfur, potassium, and copper.

Djavolja Varos

Devil’s Town features over 200 slender rock formations. If you spend the day gazing at the lean, jagged stone pyramids of Devil’s Town, it is impossible not to speculate about how this strange and wonderful place came to be. The remnants of two crumbling churches in the distance are sure to fuel some superstitious thoughts. Hearing the wind moan and whimper as it blows through Devil Town’s may be enough to make you believe in spirits, devils, and forces not of this world. The stunning natural beauty of Devil’s Town will make you glad that you braved potentially treacherous supernatural forces to bask in the splendor of a mountain like no other.

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