Denali National Park: Alaska’s Breathtaking Crown Jewel

There is a great debate about which National Park is the most stunning. Some argue that Yellowstone’s bubbling mudpots and erupting geysers are one of the most impressive sights that a traveler could ever hope to see. Others say that Yosemite’s grand valleys and rock formations will stop visitors in their tracks and leave them breathless. Dedicated mountaineers agree that Alaska‘s Denali National Park is the undeniable crown jewel of the National Park system. Denali is home to the tallest peak in North America. Countless adventure seekers from the around the world flock to Denali National Park each year to attempt a climb that culminates at the 20,310-foot mark. While only the most dedicated climbers can say that they climbed Denali, Denali National Park features enough wild beauty to captivate every person who sets foot there.

Denali National Park is a rugged slice of intact Alaskan wilderness where visitors can view dense evergreen forests, roaming grizzly bears, and towering mountains shrouded in clouds. Travelers can take a bus tour to view Denali’s staggering beauty from various lookout points, or suit up for a rugged mountain climbing expedition that requires expert skill. Denali National Park features a single road which has limited access during the colder months of the year.

Denali is famous for its towering peaks, but one of the most compelling reasons to visit is to view wildlife. Caribou, foxes, and wolves routinely appear near Denali National Park’s meandering rivers. If visitors are patient and quiet they are guaranteed to see a Northern ecosystem in full swing. If you have ever dreamed of seeing a foraging grizzly bear or a perfectly camouflaged snowshoe hare hopping out of a snow drift, Denali is the National Park for you.

Wonder Lake offers a magnificent mirror reflection of Denali National Park’s stunning mountains. Visitors who are able to transport a small kayak or raft into the park are welcome to explore the waters of Wonder Lake. Wonder Lake is located near several trails that enable visitors to explore various regions of the park.

Denali National Park features countless unmarked trails that encourage travelers to wander off of the beaten path. You may think you’re a seasoned traveler, but you have not experienced true wilderness until you have traveled deep into the Alaskan interior and stood in the shadow of a legendary mountain. Leisurely bystanders and brave mountaineers alike are spellbound by Denali National Park’s striking splendor.

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