Dubai Love Lake: The World’s Most Romantic Lake

Many of the world’s hardcore romantics are unaware that the most romantic lake in the world is situated in the middle of a vast desert in Dubai. Dubai’s Love Lake features two slim man-made waterways shaped like intersecting hearts. The word “love” is spelled out in large letters created by a series of flowering plants. Love Lake features frolicking swans, flamingos, and koi fish flanked by numerous heart-shaped sculptures adorned with blooming flowers.

Dubai Love Lake

Photo by fazza_fanzs/

Since Love Lake’s unveiling in 2018, the waterway has become a popular spot for first dates and marriage proposals. Visitors adore having their photos taken next to heart sculptures lined with bright red poinsettias. Love Lake features ample benches which are ideal for couples who wish to cuddle and enjoy the scenery. Love Lake even features a track for joggers who are keen on completing a heart-shaped run.

Dubai Love Lake

The most stunning view of Love Lake is an aerial one. A helicopter ride is one of the best ways for onlookers to view Love Lake’s amorous design. Since Love Lake is relatively new, the area doesn’t feature any on-site concessions. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own food and water.

Dubai Love Lake

Visitors are allowed to dip their toes in Love Lake. Some ambitious travelers even perform heart-shaped laps in Love Lake’s waters.

Dubai Love Lake

No romantic locale is complete without a magnificent sunset. Sweethearts from around the world have taken in gold, orange, and red skies which appear more vibrant due to the miles of blonde sand that surrounds Love Lake in every direction. If you’re searching for the ultimate romantic getaway, forget Italy, France, or California. A monument to true love flourishes in a harsh desert that—at first glance—seems incapable of supporting a picturesque lake surrounded by blooming flowers. A trip to a heart-shaped oasis is sure to make your heart skip a beat.


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