Essential Safety Camping Tips For Beginners

Camping is fun and thrilling! It is the kind of adventure that makes you feel alive! People opt for it as they can experience scenic views while exploring their own strengths at the same time. It is the kind of activity that really tells how daring the adventurer is.

Even for beginners, it is a great way of getting to know themselves better. When they are close to mother nature, they connect with the natural forces that open new horizons of imagination for them.

However, as far as it’s about being at one with nature, the most important thing is to be safe. A newbie can find their life at risk by going on the trickier trails on their first camping trip. If you aren’t a camping expert, you should play it safe while you learn the ropes.

Here are some essential safety camping tips that you should definitely pay heed to as a first-time camper!

1. Pack Light

As a camper, you will be on your feet for the complete duration of your journey. Also, you will obviously have to take a backpack to carry wherever you go. As a beginner, you need to understand the importance of packing light! No matter how much you want to flaunt your fashion, you surely can’t afford the extra weight if you overpack on your trip.

Packing light means having a lesser load on your back while you are camping. Only having the essentials with you is the key! Opt for the multi-purpose items as it will reduce the number of things you will require to have in your bag. Stuffing your bag with everything you have in sight is surely not a wise thing to do, instead follow a rigorous packing list of only the absolute essentials.

It is also a good idea to carry a lightweight sleeping bag. A lightweight down sleeping bag is warm and cozy, but would reduce several grams from your shoulders instantly!

2. Check The Weather Forecast

You need to check the weather forecast from a reliable source before heading out on your camping trip. For that, you shouldn’t rely merely on your mobile weather application. Rather, ask for the weather forecast from the national weather agency in your country to be sure of future predictions.

This is especially true if you plan your camping trip to a place prone to rainfall. Alongside this, checking the forecast is mandatory if you have chosen the winter season for your trip!

As a beginner, you should avoid the rainy season. This is because the danger associated with camping during wet weather augments exponentially.

3. Keep A Map Handy

Yes, despite the fact that the world has gotten technologically advanced and no one really uses a physical map. You need to have it in your bag all the time. On your camping adventure, you can’t rely on your phone for navigation all the time. As soon as its charging ends, or if you run out of signal, you can be at a loss.

This is when the physical map and a compass would bail you out. Before setting out on the trip, learn how to read the map and mark the important locations and checkpoints you will pass.

If you forget the route while camping, you can take your map out and get back on the right path instantly!

4. Choose The Right Kind Of Tent

As a camper, your most important belonging is the tent! As soon as you find the right place to settle in after a long day of adventure, you would want the tent to give you the ultimate level of comfort.

If in such a case, your tent turns out to be insufficient to keep you cozy, your entire trip will get affected by it. Choosing the right kind of tent according to the location and season you are visiting is indeed important.

For instance, if you are planning to camp in a rain-prone area, your tent needs to be water-proof and resistant to moisture. Alongside this, its size should be appropriate enough for the number of people you want to be inside of it. If it’s only you who has to stay in it, go for the smaller size. This way, you won’t have to carry much load on your back while moving around.

Selecting the right place to set it up and knowing the exact technique to assemble it is also important, so practice a few times before hitting the wilderness.

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It’s Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

Camping is a great adventure that opens up new horizons of thoughts for you. However, as a beginner, you should avoid experimenting excessively. Rather, prefer being safe over being overly adventurous. As you gain experience, you will be able to learn how to deal with various kinds of situations easily.

Follow these tips carefully, and your first camping trip will surely turn out to be quite a safe yet memorable adventure!

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