Fifty-Two 80’s: Denver’s Blast From the Past

The raging success of the 80s nostalgia-steeped Netflix series Stranger Things is proof that the 1980s are still viewed as the height of American pop culture by countless people. If you have been searching for a place to get a major 80s fix, consider visiting Fifty-Two 80’s—A Denver consignment store filled to the brim with all of the candy, soda, video games, plush cartoon raisins, and pro wrestler figurines that made the 1980s the silly, fun, and totally weird decade that enchants us all to this day.

Upon first glance, Fifty-Two 80’s looks like a museum, but virtually every 80s relic in the densely-packed store is for sale. In true vintage style, Fifty-Two 80’s conducts virtually no online business, and relies almost entirely on in-store sales. Visitors can spend hours perusing the shelves for Rainbow Brite dolls, blue Papa Smurf figurines, original Star Wars toys, and signed Van Halen posters.

Fifty-Two 80’s – A Totally Awesome Shop!

Fifty-Two 80’s – A Totally Awesome Shop!

One of the most popular items are Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. Garbage Pail Kids were created to mock wholesome Cabbage Patch Kids. Garbage Pail Kids trading cards feature juvenile, low-brow humor that landed countless 80s kids in the principal’s office. If you’re curious why your favorite uncle spent so much time in detention in the 80s, a pack of Garbage Pail Kids trading cards will answer a great many questions.

If you’re an 80s kid, a trip to Fifty-Two 80’s will whisk you away to a simpler time. If you didn’t grow up in the 80s, there’s a good chance that exploring a store full of plush extraterrestrials, muppets, and posters of rockers with teased hair will make you wish that you came of age before TikTok and Twitter. An afternoon spent exploring Fifty-Two 80’s is one of the most economical ways to take a priceless trip back in time.

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