Fly as High as an Angel in Pietrapertosa

Italy‘s Dolomiti Lucane is among the most breathtaking mountain ranges in all of Europe. The ancient village of Pietrapertosa, which dates back to the height of the Roman Empire, was built on the slopes of the majestic Monte dell’Impiso. The quaint buildings of Pietrapertosa enhance the awe-inspiring beauty of a jagged mountain range that seems as though it could easily be the dwelling of the Roman god Jupiter, known as the father of all gods.

In Pietrapertosa, there are several charming restaurants, churches, and winding streets to wander, as well as an imposing castle to explore. However, there’s no doubt that the main attraction is the soaring mountains that envelop the town.

Adventure seekers are drawn to the Nepalese Bridge, which links Pietrapertosa with the neighboring town of Castelmezzano. This bridge is part of a via ferrata network that experienced climbers use to navigate mountainous terrains. ‘Via ferrata’ literally translates to ‘iron path.’ Adventurers traversing the via ferrata attach themselves to a cable, ensuring they can safely explore steep and rocky areas.

Castelmezzano village in Apennines Dolomiti Lucane. Basilicata, Italy.

Castelmezzano village in Apennines Dolomiti Lucane. Basilicata, Italy.
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For those seeking an even greater thrill, consider taking a ride on a zipline that shuttles passengers between Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano. Known as the Flight of the Angel, this experience provides passengers with a bird’s-eye view of a lush green valley. If soaring through the air at 75 miles per hour, tethered only by a cable, sounds exhilarating rather than terrifying, the Flight of the Angel is certainly the adrenaline-charged adventure for you.

Pietrapertosa has been consistently recognized as one of Italy‘s most picturesque villages. From the moment Monte dell’Impiso comes into view, you’ll be grateful for the opportunity to witness one of the most scenic mountain towns in all of Europe.

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