Fort Myers, FL—A Lush Hideaway for Students

Florida has always been among the top places for students’ getaways. Sunny, full of beautiful beaches, and vibrant, this state welcomes young people for the best vacation of their lives. But, while cities like Miami, Orlando, Naples, and Jacksonville might be the most common destinations, there is one place that is lesser known but no worse.

Fort Myers is a thriving and vibrant city that boasts rich history and nature. It’s known as a gateway to a stretch of breathtaking islands. And it can become a lush hideaway for college students. Read on to learn more about this destination!

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When Is the Best Time to Visit Fort Myers?

Since students’ schedules are packed and their budgets are always rather limited, picking the perfect time for your getaway is crucial for having the best time. For Fort Myers, the best time is March to May.

Spring break could be great timing. However, keep in mind that this time can be rather busy and more expensive due to crowds of students coming here. Thus, planning your visit beyond the spring break dates is a wise idea. Of course, this might get in the way of your studies. But remember that all it takes is to google “write my paper” for a professional writer to help with any task you have a hard time with. So, if you want to have a perfect vacation, be sure to have a reliable academic helper by your side.

The summertime in this place is too hot, whereas falls can be very rainy. Thus, we don’t recommend coming to Fort Myers in June-November. The wintertime, on the contrary, is a rather popular season. During the winter months, the weather in Fort Myer remains surprisingly warm. Mid- to upper-70-degrees weather during December-February attracts many tourists to this city. So, you could consider this destination for a winter getaway. However, it’s worth noting that this is a high season. Most hotels charge premiums during this time, so it can be a little too pricey during this time. Nevertheless, it will still be cheaper than most other Floridian destinations during the same time.

Things to See and Do in Fort Myers

Now that you know when is the best time to visit this city, you must be wondering what exactly you can see and do here. Let us tell you about the most exciting attractions to check out if you travel to this location.


Just like many other destinations in Florida, Fort Myers is surrounded by some of the US’s best beaches. So, if you ever visit this city, you should definitely take a tour around its best beaches. Some of the most popular and beautiful beaches to see here include:

  • Bowditch Point Beach Park
  • Bunche Beach
  • Causeway Islands Park
  • Lynn Hall Memorial Park
  • Fort Myers Beach
  • Parks And Nature Attractions

For those of you who enjoy being in nature, Fort Myers also has a lot of neat attractions. The city is full of awe-inspiring parks and preserves that won’t leave you indifferent. According to locals and tourists, the best natural sights to visit here include:

  • Lakes Regional Park
  • Manatee Park
  • Centennial Park
  • Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium
  • Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve
  • Park of Palms
  • J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge


Although Florida is typically perceived as a partying destination, Fort Myers has many fun places for other types of vacations too. Namely, the city has a huge array of great museums. If you enjoy visiting museums, here are a few that should come to your liking:

  • Edison and Ford Winter Estates
  • Railroad Museum of South Florida
  • Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center
  • IMAG History and Science Center

Other Attractions

As was already mentioned earlier, Fort Myers is rich in history and culture. So, apart from traditional attractions like beaches, parks, and museums, it has a lot more to surprise you with. For example, located right behind the pier, there is an exciting Times Square. This area is very fun to wander around, and there are tons of restaurants and shops.

The city’s historic downtown is another great place to visit. The downtown is incredibly well-preserved. Walking its streets, you will see great-looking Art Deco buildings dating back to the 1920s. Also, there are many great boutiques and iconic restaurants, including Ford’s Garage.

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How Much Money Do You Need to Travel to Fort Myers?

When planning a student trip, you will definitely want to plan your budget accurately. For many young people, even a flight to Florida can be way outside their budgets. But the good news is that Fort Myers is much cheaper than many big and popular cities in this state.

According to stats, the average cost of a 7-day vacation in this destination will cost you around $1,535 as a solo traveler and $2,757 for two travelers. The average price per night you’ll have to pay in a local hotel is $79. As for entertainment and different activities, the cost will depend a lot on what exactly you want to do. But we recommend budgeting between $49 and $77 per person per day to make your trip to this city truly enjoyable.

The price might still look somewhat high for a student. However, since the average 7-day trip to Miami will cost you nearly $2,000, you should agree that Fort Myers is a much more pocket-friendly destination.

The Bottom Line

Fort Myers isn’t as big or trending as Miami and other tourist destinations in Florida. We bet that many of you might’ve never even heard of it before. But this is a huge omission.

Having both white-sand beaches and rich history, this destination is truly perfect for student travelers. It can become your excellent hideaway where you can enjoy nature, visit exciting historical sights, and have tons of fun. And it’s much cheaper than many other cities in this state too. So, if you are planning your next trip right now, be sure to consider this destination and use this guide to make your vacation flawless.


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