Get Discounts And Best Vacation Packages This December With Royal Holiday Vacation Club

Royal Holiday Vacation is the club of choice for people who want to travel the world to the most beautiful places on earth. Royal Holiday Vacation Club owns and operates top travel destinations in 52 countries. Members are at liberty to select hundreds of resorts using their membership account, which also includes cruise tours.

A member needs a small membership fee to enjoy affordable vacation fees for any trip they wish to take. It doesn’t matter where a member wants to visit whether its Bahamas, Cancun, Acapulco, Puerto Rico or San Juan, Royal Holiday Vacation Club got them covered. 

 It makes it easier to get a better deal since the club owns luxurious properties in many destinations. The club organizes new travel packages, group tours, and cruise tours to make it fun and exciting.

Indeed, becoming a member is the best way to enjoy many benefits offered by the club, which include member discounts, vacation protection, kids summer camp, timeshare opportunities and credits for cash.

Membership and savings are the concepts of Royal Holiday Vacation Club. A new member has the capability of negotiating a fixed price for a vacation in the contract when joining. This alleviates any anxiety about future price hikes during the membership. Moreover, Royal Holiday Vacation Club rewards members who make their payments on time.

Indeed, it’s such great gestures, and members can enjoy up to 3% of discounts as long as the accounts are funded on time. Consequently this draws in more members as they can save money and remain focused on enjoying the holiday without having to worry about price hikes. 

Don’t worry! If life gets in the way and a member is unable to utilize all the credits, the Rentsure program comes in handy. The program allows a member to rent up unused annual credits 15000 credits for 500$. The member can choose whether they want to use the money for account maintenance or wired back via electronic transfer.  A member is allowed to rent up to 2 blocks of 15000 credits annually.

What’s the value of travelling without the guarantee of safety? Well, all packages are bundled up with safety in mind. The clubs facilities are located in most secure places. They actively and routinely check for the protection of its members. Moreover, they update their guests on any changes or safety updates on time.

Timeshare is another way Royal Holiday Vacations Club make sure there is a wide selection of destinations to choose from. They partner with Resort Condominiums International (RCI), bringing in 6000 affiliated resorts from more than 100 countries. This makes it the largest timeshare vacation exchange in the world.

Who hates the adventurous spirit? Well, none, the club offers Summer Camp opportunities. Summer Camp is the best package to get kids out in nature. The children get to see and know a variety of plants, animals, or insects, birds as well as learn new languages and cultures. Interestingly members can use their credits to send their children to summer camps of their choice.

Travel involves risks, and that’s why Royal Holiday Vacation Club partners with APRIL International Group to provide insurance services. Members don’t have to worry about delayed or lost luggage, trip cancellation, medical assistance during travel, cruise insurance, holiday rental insurance, and more.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club has over 30 years of experience in the vacation industry. Their foothold is in every continent. It boasts over 100 000 members. Their services and offers are top-notch, and that is why they continue to receive prestigious travel awards. Members get to enjoy savings on all hotel stays cruises packages, guided tours, camps, and more.

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