Grand Canyon Caverns: Arizona’s Bone Dry Cave


Located roughly 90 miles from the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon Caverns is a unique cave system which showcases the true starkness of the desert. There is not a single drop of natural water located in this bone dry cave system. In lieu of pointy rock formations which are traditionally created by dripping water, visitors can view rocks which resemble shiny popcorn. The petrified remains of a fearsome bobcat and a lumbering giant sloth remind onlookers just how harsh the desert can be.

Taking an Antelope Canyon tour and a Grand Canyon Caverns tour can be a great way to experience two very different natural wonders in the American Southwest. It also allows you to explore different types of geological formations and learn about different aspects of the region’s history and culture.

Grand Canyon caverns arizona

In addition to cave tours, Grand Canyon Caverns features a restaurant called Caverns Grotto where parched cave explorers can quench their thirst. There is also a single hotel room located deep in the depths of the caverns. For those who yearn to see a little water after spending the day exploring one of the driest cave systems in the world, breathtaking Havasupai Falls is not far away.

Grand Canyon Caverns
Peach Springs, Arizona, 86434
United States

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