A Psychedelic play of color at the Grand Prismatic Spring

Photo by YL168/flickr

Yellowstone Park is definitely a national icon, which is one of the oldest parks in the US. It is full of natural wonders just waiting to be discovered. One of these wonders is a little further off within the geyser basins, just past the iconic Old Faithful.

The Grand Prismatic Spring is certainly a natural jewel of epic proportions. Spanning 300 yards, experts say it is more like a lake, than a spring. Various spectrums of color give lake an otherworldly vibe. The color palette is a natural occurrence and can be found in other smaller springs across the park.

The cause for these grand rainbows is a very healthy ecosystem of microorganisms found living in the lake. Their reactions to the varying temperatures of the atmosphere causes the vibrant colors. The Yellowstone park has various volcanic activity. The ups and downs of the temperature and the surrounding environment, as well as the play of sunlight across the area of the Grand Prismatic Spring, contribute to the varying hues of color. The result is like an abstract oil painting in real life, a psychedelic play of every color of the rainbow spilled out beautifully across the spring’s surface. It’s almost like viewing a fantasy from another planet. The Prismatic Spring has been kept this way, because it has not been disturbed by human activity. Sadly, some smaller surrounding springs, which used to have the same colorful surfaces but are now changed due to human activity.

As beautiful and breathtaking the visuals of the spring are in photographs, some visitors who decide to venture off to Yellowstone Park just to view the colorful spring may be in for some slight disappointments. Most photographs taken of the Prismatic Spring are patiently shot given favourable lighting conditions. While it is still possible to view the spring as it is, the occasional steam clouding around the hot springs and wind direction may tone down the colors. So, it’s best to be patient to view the colors in all their glory.

Experts also warn visitors from going too near the spring, as it is difficult to determine the temperature of the water there. It is definitely not meant for the human body to experience and going too near may lead to adverse health effects. There’s a boardwalk throughout the geyser basin, which allows visitors to view the surroundings at a safe distance. It’s highly advisable not to stray away from the boardwalk, at any given circumstance.

Given the recent situation, when outdoor activities may not be such a good idea, there are also other ways to fully enjoy the scenery of the Grand Prismatic Spring and other natural wonders of the Yellowstone Park. Virtual tours are now available for interested tourists to easily click into and view the park as it is from the safety of their homes. You won’t have to worry about weather conditions or anything of that sort when you’re viewing the magnificent visuals in high definition from your own digital device.

Location: Midway Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park, Teton County, Wyoming

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