Great Places to Study Abroad in Italy

Looking for study abroad programs in Italy? Think about studying in the university cities of Rome, Florence, Siena, Modena, Bologna, or Naples.

Students of Italian and a variety of other disciplines will find Italy a great place to study abroad. According to the essay writer website, There are plenty of university cities in various parts of Italy that can make for a memorable international study experience. Below are just a few of Italy’s university cities.


Italy’s capital, the center of much of the country’s history and world-renowned cultural achievements and attractions, is a fantastic place to spend a semester or year. During this time students will have the opportunity to experience the highlights of Rome, and discover lesser-known ones. The University of Rome (Sapienza) takes up a large area outside the city center and has 147,000 students. And that’s just one of Rome’s universities.

Anyone choosing to study abroad in Rome will have no shortage of things to do and no problem finding a great student life presence in the city. Taking advantage of cultural resources, visiting museums, enjoying the nightlife, and exploring the cuisine (some of the best of which is off the beaten tourist path) is all a part of the study abroad experience in Rome.


Siena is a wonderful university city in Tuscany. 20,000 students study at the University of Siena (UNISI), making up over one-third of the town’s population of 56,000.

This beautiful city’s old town is a UNESCO world heritage site. Much of UNISI is located within this area, and some of the buildings contribute to the city’s status as a world heritage site. Attractions and highlights of Siena are mainly outdoors and include open-air theater performances, film showings in parks, and open-air markets.


Florence’s University was founded in 1321. The city’s population is about 370,000 and is home to nearly 60,000 students. Florence is a great city for students of art and art history to study, among other subjects.

Like Siena, Florence is located in the beautiful Tuscany (Toscana) region, the city is not only surrounded by lovely scenery but is itself full of architectural gems such as the several Palazzi (palaces) and the famous Florence Cathedral, as well as the Boboli Gardens. Florence’s museums house some of the most famous artwork in the world, including Michelangelo’s David.


This city, in the north-central region of Emilia Romagna, is home to the country’s second-oldest university. Modena is, like Siena, a student city, and is convenient to larger cities like Bologna. Over 20,000 of the 183,000 residents are students.

The University of Modena’s strengths includes its engineering, mathematics, business, and medical programs. It participates in the Erasmus program and welcomes international students from outside the EU as well.


Bologna, also located in Emilia Romagna, is a lovely old city and one of the major cities of Italy. The University of Bologna is not only the oldest in Italy but the oldest in Europe. Founded in 1088, about 100,000 students study there. This is just over a quarter of the city’s population.

Special programs at the University of Bologna include international degree programs designed specifically for foreign students. The University of Bologna’s official website in English has a detailed, thorough, and a highly informative section for international students.


Naples is located in southwestern Italy’s Campania region. With a total population approaching one million and a student population of over 100,000, it is also a student city.

This port city is Italy’s third-largest metropolis after Rome and Milan, and there is plenty to do both within and outside of the picturesque historic city center. Not far away is the infamous Pompeii, making Naples (like Rome) an ideal study abroad city for archaeologists and anthropologists alike. The School of Humanities at the University of Naples boasts an Archaeology and Art History program.

Resources and Further Information

The individual university websites are great resources and provide information about being an international student at that university. City websites provide insight into what there is to do in each city. Though students of subjects other than Italian will find studying abroad in Italy an enriching experience, a minimum of a basic grasp of the Italian language is essential for any student.
Italy is a wonderful place to study abroad, and it is home to several university cities, including Rome, Siena, Florence, Modena, Bologna, and Naples. Each city has a large student population, a reputable university, and a variety of offerings for students. Students deciding which European country to travel to for study may want to consider Italy, and students traveling to Italy can consider the above cities when choosing a specific program.


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