Guide for students: Ways social media can help you travel

Social media plays a major role in our everyday lives, especially for students. The digital age has given us plenty of ways to connect with people around the world and to gain access to information instantly about absolutely anything. Throughout your studies, you may have the sudden urge to go on an adventure, to visit somewhere new and exciting.

Under normal circumstances, you would be able to pick a place and grab a guide book from your nearest bookstore to learn what to expect at your new travel destination. However, times are changing, and with the advancement of social media, you can find out more about a travel destination without even having to leave your house. It’s a lot easier for a student to plan his/her trip than it was before the existence of social media so as a student, you’ll be spoilt for choice as to how to go about your travel ideas.

When Inspiration and Wanderlust strikes

It’s likely that your social media feed would be filled with travel posts and epic photos of exotic locations around the world. It’s not hard to fall into wanderlust the moment you start scrolling across your feed. This is how most young people get the urge to pack up their bags and start a new adventure, and it’s completely normal. It could be a throwback post from a close friend or maybe a certain brand you follow might be advertising a particular location, either way, it’s no surprise that you’d eventually think “I HAVE to go there!”

The impact and influence of social media

This could be a little lost on older generations, but for the youth of today, it’s pretty hard to avoid social media no matter where you go. It’s pretty integrated into everything you do. So even while travelling, expect to be connecting with friends, posting about your travels and looking up for the nearest hotspots. The impact of social media on every aspect of our lives runs pretty deep nowadays, for further reading check out argumentative essay on social media, explaining exactly how big of a role social media plays in our lives. A positive aspect of social media is that it can come in handy if you end up in a predicament during your travels. From finding directions to looking up some translation in a foreign language, social media can help you out tremendously compared to a store-bought guidebook.

Booking is a breeze!

Another plus point social media has when it comes to student travel is how easy it is to book your accommodation and transportation. There are various apps and social media platforms catered for travellers of all sorts, if you’re going solo or planning group travel, you can easily find the best lodging arrangement for yourself. Most hotels, inns and dormitories now have their own social media page where you can get a better glimpse of the look and feel of the establishment and its surroundings before making a decision. It has also become easier to make a booking by simply locking in your dates online (no awkward phone calls needed)

Social media has also made it possible for you to communicate directly with your lodgings to make special arrangements or changes to your booking. With this much convenience at your fingertips, you really can’t mess up with making travel plans.

Express yourself, share your journey!

One of the greatest things about social media is that it gives you the platform to express yourself. This is especially true when you’re travelling, it’s no longer fun to go to new places and keep all those photos and information to yourself. There are plenty of ways to share where you have been and what you experienced along the way. Not only will this help you keep track of your memorable moments, but it will also serve as a guide for other students who wish to do some travelling on their own too.

Take more pictures, tell more stories, or even record a vlog and document your travels in a more exciting way. Social media has definitely re-defined travelling for students and it will open new doors for youths to connect around the world, whether physically or virtually.

Finally, social platforms are connecting people – you will be able to find someone to share your adventures with quite easily; you just have to start looking in the correct direction.

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