Guitar Shaped Forest

Breaking the monotony of flat agricultural areas of the Pampas, Argentina, this guitar is shaped entirely of trees. Spanning 2/3 of a mile, this multi-colored instrument was built by the farmer Pedro Martín Ureta to commemorate his wife who passed away at 25.

Graciela, Ureta’s wife, once suggested they carve a design into their fields after flying over the Pampas that looked like a milk pail. Ureta didn’t have time for the project, but promised to do it when they both had more time. Sadly, Graciela died unexpectedly from a brain aneurysm in 1977, and her dream was never fulfilled.

To honor his wife who loved the instrument, Ureta created a guitar-shaped design in his fields that could be seen from the air. The design, which took years of planting and cultivating trees, features a star-shaped hole in the center and is mostly made of cypress trees. The strings on the neck are accented with blue eucalyptus trees. The guitar is a source of joy for many who fly over the Pampas.

Ureta, who fears flying, has only seen photos of the guitar he made to remember Graciela.

Location: General Levalle, Argentina, Google Map Satellite View, Google Map Normal View, Bing’s Bird’s Eye.

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