Hierve el Agua: Mexico’s Stunning Stone Waterfall

From a distance, Hierve el Agua appears to be a roaring waterfall cascading from the side of a cliff. Upon closer inspection, Hierve el Agua is several pillars of white stone with deep grooves which have been sculpted by calcium-rich water that bubbles up from the depths of the earth.

Hierve el Agua

Photo by Flickr/LT

Although some refer to Hierve el Agua as a petrified waterfall, a light trickle of mineral-rich water is responsible for one of Mexico’s most dramatic rock formations. Hierve el Agua is surrounded by a handful of natural and artificial pools where visitors can swim and soak in water that is celebrated for its healing properties. Most of the pools have an average temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit, so visitors don’t have to worry about adjusting to frigid mountain water. Some of Hierve el Agua’s pools are bright blue due to the water’s high calcium content. Onlookers can even watch underground water dramatically bubble up to the surface.


Hierve el Agua
San Pablo Villa de Mitla

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