Holidays in Tel Aviv: Sights Worth Seeing for Everyone

Tel Aviv is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city, located on the Mediterranean coast of Israel. It is known for its lively nightlife, round-the-clock culture, and beautiful beaches. The city is a major center of business, finance, and culture, and is known for its modern architecture and world-class museums. Tel Aviv also boasts some of the best restaurants in the region, as well as a thriving art and music scene. With its rich history and modern flavor, Tel Aviv is a fascinating place to explore and discover, and well worth the trip. 

In this article, we will tell you about the most interesting places in the city that in our opinion should be visited by every tourist. You will feel the combination of deep antiquity and modernity, find out the places that suit your taste, and have a great time! 

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Sea coast and the view of Tel Aviv at the evening

Sea coast and the view of the Tel Aviv from Old Jaffa at the evening
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Old City (Jaffa)

Jaffa is a popular tourist area, which is located in the southern part of Tel Aviv. In ancient Israel, it was an independent city, which was even mentioned in the Old and New Testaments. Any tourist will be something to do here because, since the end of the last century, there are many museums, restaurants, theaters, and monuments. Walk across the Bridge of Wishes, relax in the park, and stroll through the theaters and museums.

Carmel Market

is a very famous market in the city. Located in the heart of the city on Carmel street. The market itself was founded in 1914. It’s been more than 100 years, but this market is still a huge activity of people, and today’s sellers are often grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the very first market vendors. Here you can buy the freshest fruits and vegetables, different types of spices and flowers. The Oriental market creates an interesting atmosphere, order an airport taxi here and smell the fresh bread and homemade pickles!


Carmel Market Shuk HaCarmel in Tel Aviv

Shoppers at Carmel Market Shuk HaCarmel in Tel Aviv, Israel
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Eretz Israel Museum

This historical and archeological museum is located in the Ramat Aviv area. It was founded after the official establishment of Israel (in 1953). The place is very interesting, here you will learn about the history of copperware, numismatics, glassware, and ceramics. In addition, by ordering an airport taxi here you will observe objects that tell about the millennial history of Israel. For example, in “The Man and His Work”, this unique exhibition presents ancient crafts: weaving, grain grinding, bread baking, jewelry making, and pottery production. There is also a planetarium and a souvenir store. 

Museum of the Diaspora

If you come to Tel Aviv, then you must visit this museum. This museum is named after Nahum Goldman and is located at the University of Tel Aviv. The history of this building began in 1978, it was opened to the founding of Israel (at that time it was considered one of the most innovative museums in the world). You will see exhibits, employing which it will be possible to retrace the long history of the Jewish Diaspora, dispersed throughout different countries of the world. The museum itself has six thematic sections: “Family,” “Community,” “Faith,” “Culture,” “Among the Nations,” and “Return to Zion.” There are also photographs, films, and documents of the Jewish Diaspora. 

Caesarea National Park

If you dive into history, this park was home to the city of Caesarea in ancient times. It was located on the Mediterranean coast and was named after the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus. Nowadays there are archaeological excavations in the park, some of which are done underwater. This is a very atmospheric place where you feel the unusual energy. It is recommended to rent an airport taxi and visit a place of high historical importance. 

The Old Port of Tel Aviv

After museums you need a more active holiday, which you can get in the Old Port of Tel Aviv. Despite the name, this place can not be called an industrial area, because at the end of the 20th century there was a big restoration and all the premises of industrial character were occupied by bars and cafes. These days this place is great for active recreation in the evening, there are going to different hangouts with locals. And on the wide wooden embankment that stretches along the pier, you can ride rollerblades or skateboard. On weekends there are various fairs, artists and antique collectors show in the area. And also you have a good chance, if you come there, to get to a concert or sports competition.

Old town and port of Jaffa, Tel Aviv city, Israel

Old town and port of Jaffa and modern skyline of Tel Aviv city, Israel
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Rothschild Boulevard

This is one of the main tourist streets of Tel Aviv, it starts from Neve Tzedek and reaches the theater “Habima”. On this street, there is the Independence Hall of Israel, and there are buildings that are considered part of the World Heritage of UNESCO. Even though it is just a street, we decided to include it at the top, because it is a picturesque place. The trees here alone are worth it. This cool atmosphere will provide you with great photos. So if you will be passing through Tel Aviv, we advise you to stop on this street.

Rothschild boulevard and Ha-Bima square, in Tel-Aviv

Sunset scene of Rothschild boulevard and Ha-Bima square, with locals and visitors, in Tel-Aviv, Israel
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Frishman Beach

As Tel Aviv is located on the Mediterranean coast there are numerous beaches. Not far from the historic Jaffa district mentioned above is this beach. It is also a very picturesque place, where your vacation will be the most comfortable. There is free admission and cleanliness (which is very appreciated by tourists and locals). In addition, renting an airport transfer and getting to this place, you can rent playground equipment, deck chairs with umbrellas, rent a boat or jet-ski (at good prices). Also, this beach has an advantage over the others – it works all year round.


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