Hon Thom Cable Car: Hop Aboard the World’s Longest Oversea Cable Car in Vietnam

If you’ve ever dreamed of having an aerial view of a pristine white beach surrounded by vibrant blue water but aren’t keen on boarding a cramped helicopter or tiny seaplane prone to turbulence, consider traveling to Vietnam to hop aboard the Phu Quoc Cable Car, commonly known as the Hon Thom Cable Car.

The Hon Thom Cable Car, which spans 5 miles, has been recognized as the longest oversea cable car in the world. Hovering 570 feet above the sea, the Hon Thom Cable Car overlooks the gorgeous coconut tree-lined Hon Thom Island. Riders enjoy a bird’s-eye view of abundant boat traffic, a sprawling water park, and one of Asia’s most gorgeous beaches.

If you’re a little squeamish about heights, you can rest easy because the Hon Thom Cable Car was designed by an Austrian company called Doppelmayr, famous for designing sturdy cable cars that provide smooth, steady rides. It generally takes about 15 minutes to travel the length of the Hon Thom Cable Car line. The Hon Thom Cable Car features spacious cabins with large windows that offer magnificent views of the turquoise sea below.

In addition to riding the Hon Thom Cable Car, visitors can bask in the sun on Hon Thom Island, kayak, parasail, or hop aboard a jet ski. The nearby Aquatopia Water Park features fanciful waterslides shaped like mangoes, alligators, and dragons. Aquatopia boasts a lazy river that offers a stunning view of the sea. Hon Thom Island also hosts several delectable restaurants serving fresh seafood and traditional Vietnamese culinary delights, such as banh mi sandwiches.

There’s a good chance that gliding over a breathtakingly beautiful expanse of ocean in the Hon Thom Cable Car on a bright sunny day will top your list of favorite travel experiences.

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