How To Prepare For Your First Train Holiday Experience

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Traveling by train can be a fun and unique experience. First-time riders might find it intimidating because it’s different from riding a vehicle, but many travelers usually find the ride comfortable. Traveling by train soon? Here are tips you can follow to prepare yourself:

1. Select Your Destination

Have you picked a destination yet? There are many beautiful locations across the continent. Would you like to go camping at a national park? Have you spent time in the countryside with the backdrop of the mountains? You might also want a seaside rendezvous with family or friends. Whether you want a day trip or a weekend getaway, traveling by train can make a world of difference!

One of the best times for train travelers is to watch the beautiful scenery pass by as they travel. Railways travel from cities to open fields that you might not know existed along the way. Train travel feels like an adventure when the train travels outside the city. You also get to enjoy getting to your destination if you choose to get a vacation package with the train ride. You can log into Train Holidays Australia to see what tours are available and their corresponding fares.

2. Pack Light

How much do you pack when you travel? If you tend to bring a lot of stuff, you might have experienced the inconveniences of doing so.

Train travel allows passengers to keep their belongings close. To have a comfortable journey, it will help you to pack only the essentials. Use trolleys you can pull from behind instead of carrying a heavy bag. You can move quickly, especially when you encounter a flight of stairs.

You will also want to check the information on luggage allowance. It will give your insight into how much you can pack for your trip. You will also need to find out if the train has its luggage room. In some trains, they don’t have storage rooms for bags, and they may or may not have compartments for bags. In this case, it’s recommended to pack as compact as you can.

3. Charge Your Devices

Decide first what devices you’ll be taking along for this trip. Your phone is necessary as it is for communication back home. And if you’re heading to see unique locations such as a famous film set, you are going to need your camera to take pictures or videos. If the train journey is likely to be long, you might want to bring a laptop or tablet for watching movies, or if you play games, you can also bring a handheld console.

Whatever you bring, it’s essential to charge them before the trip. It’s always a wise idea to have a full-charged phone with you in case of emergencies. It’s also advisable to bring a battery pack as a backup to be used for your devices.

4. Book Your Ticket In Advance

If you’re on a budget, buying a train ticket is a good idea. Rail companies start selling tickets 12 weeks before the date of your trip. There’s also no saying how fast they will sell, so book them as early as possible. If you run out, you might also want to check if you can buy tickets online late before boarding the train.

Buying tickets early also saves you a seat because many choose to travel during peak times. Besides, buying your tickets late also tends to come at a higher cost. As a first-time train traveler, you must learn the different ticket types. They will come with certain conditions and privileges. A ticket for a single trip gets you from one location to another. A round-trip ticket gets you to your destination and back again. If a ticket is for a package deal, it includes a train ride and accommodation.

5. Prepare Or Buy Snacks

Some trains have a dining car inside for meals and refreshments. Some long-haul trains also boast of special cuisines for their travelers, but it might not be the cheapest option. If you don’t want to pay a large amount for a small snack, you can contact the rail company and ask if you’re allowed to bring food on board.

It’s also good to note that some trains won’t have a dining area or even food vendors where you can buy from. In that case, you can bring affordable and satisfying food like crackers, beef jerky, canned tuna with a ring opener, fruit, and cereals. Ensure you bring along food that travels well and can last you the entire journey.

In Conclusion

On your first train holiday, it’s best to be prepared. This ensures you won’t forget anything you might need, and you get to enjoy your journey worry-free. Sit back, relax, and admire the scenery as you make your way to your destination. Best of luck!

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