How to Roadtrip in Australia Safely

Road trips are something you should try for sure. Here are recommendations to make your road trip through Australia maximally safe and totally pleasant.

Australia road trip

Australia Safe Roadtrip Guide: How to Travel Without Worrying

A road trip is an obvious and effective solution whenever you want to explore some parts of a country, city, district, or even continent. Moreover, it is a perfect way to have fun with your close ones. However, there is one more aspect you will surely take into account when going in for roadtrip traveling.

Of course, we mean safety here. When you decide to start a trip through Australia, security and safety should be your priorities equal to getting great impressions. Here are some tips you need to consider before leaving for that Australian roadtrip.

Australia road trip

Make Sure the Car is Okay

That’s just critical. If you don’t use rented cars and travel on your own one, you might really want to make sure multiple things are okay with your transport.

The undisputed plus of renting a car here is that they will take everything on themselves, and you’ll save time. The downside of this option is that you can’t always be sure that the guy servicing a vehicle actually was a highly skilled pro. However, solid companies offer round-the-clock road help for their clients. Campers, RVs and SUVs all provide a great road tripping experience. You’ll want to make sure they’re prepared for any overnight stays though. Campers and RVs will need bedding, and you can even pick up an SUV tent for camping. A phone becomes your additional guarantee. If you looking for a camper, please see this guide featuring smallest rv with bathroom.

Drive with Four Hands (Six or Eight Also Cut It)

Being the only driver on a trip does not only lower your mental and physical energy. It can be a health or life threat. According to some studies, nearly every household in Australia possesses a vehicle. Just imagine how dangerous the roads there might be because of that high traffic load.

Vehicle road maintenance

Drivers need sharp eyes and clear minds behind the wheel all the time. To increase the safety of passengers (and your own one as well), make sure you have a friend or family member able to replace you in a driver seat for a couple of hours. Try to exchange that duty every two to three hours, and everyone will enjoy traveling.

Urgent Outback Travel Tip: Wildlife

Yep, that’s a single word carrying huge senses for Australian drivers. Whenever you decide to travel through Outback Australia, the number of large animals wandering across the roads right in front of your vehicle’s hood (both farmed and wild ones) will make you stay alert. All. The. Time.

Having a passenger or two aside will be great assistance here. Four eyes are always better than two when checking the road and close areas for wildlife creatures. And yes, this is another reason to limit or refuse to go for a roadtrip through Australia alone.

Australia animals crossing road sign

Keep in mind that Australia has a much higher density of dangerous animals per square mile than most regions on our planet. However, checking the best roof top tents in Australia or SUV camping tent and getting one of those with you will be the additional confidence and safety guarantee.

Not all dangerous animals are aggressive here. Mainly, they avoid getting close to humans. Still, being careless about them is a straight way to a tragedy.

Check the Destination Point

Except for a case when a traveler prefers road-traveling spontaneously and randomly, it is always better to find out more about an area you plan to visit. Using a GPS navigator or a map is solid enough to know directions right in action. The best choice is to have a passenger responsible for mapping: that’s how you exclude one of the main distracting factors for a driver. There are numerous best gps for truckers available on the Internet as well.

Navigation gps

A Backpack Should Be Full

There are multiple bad or good issues to happen to you on the road: breakage, a traffic jam, sudden health trouble, an injury, etc. It is critical to have a backpack with emergency items. Get all you might need: some dry food, some gallons of drinking water, a first aid kit you know it’s okay, at least one warm blanket per every member of your travel group, and so on.


Preparation matters a lot when the emergency becomes your reality. You’ll thank yourself for being forward-thinking.

No Distraction

Focus is vital when you are behind the wheel. It becomes even more important when you travel in a car you don’t know well. Try not to eat while pressing that acceleration pedal, not to pay a lot of attention to your GPS screen, and not to turn the music volume on too much.


Don’t forget that it is prohibited to use smartphones while you drive. In addition to being extremely dangerous for road safety, it can become a reason for officers to take away your driving license.
So, whenever you need to answer a phone call or check that messenger, make a stop or ask your trip fellows for some assistance. Don’t hesitate for too long if you start feeling tired. Alertness is the main priority on the road, so it is urgently required to exclude every distractor. The safety of both a driver and passengers depends on that a lot.

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