How To Survive A Long Flight

Do you hate or love long flights? They are a necessity to reach far-flung destinations on the planet. Some travelers love them while others loathe them. However, long flights don’t have to be awful. You can enjoy them if you plan ahead of time with things that will help you pass time. Thus, here are some tips on how you can survive a long flight: 

Charge your Gadgets 

Bring your gadget chargers with you to keep your power up during your long flight at Cathy Pacific. Bring extra batteries or external power bank. With this, even if the plane doesn’t have electrical outlets, you can still use your gadgets. One tip is to keep your chargers organized by using a carrying case. 

Install Applications in your Devices 

Before boarding the flight, see to it that your devices are loaded with applications to entertain you. Load it with games, television shows, movies, books, and music. Install the airline’s app on your phone to check other entertainment they offer during your flight. 

Bring a Pillow or even a Blanket 

There are various pillows of different sizes and shapes which are available in the market today. Find out which one works best for you. Furthermore, not all airlines provide blankets on their passengers. Bring your own blanket or even a sweater. 

Wear Comfortable Clothes 

Other passengers might not find the temperature of the plane comfortable. You might be freezing even though the other passengers in the plane feels the temperature as warm. Thus, it is best to be prepared. 

Make sure that you wear comfortable clothes during the long flight. Pack some layers so you can adjust as the temperature drops on the plane. It is best to bring socks too. 

Bring Books or Games 

If you are old school, bring your portable games, a deck of cards, or book. If you are into tech-games, these board games and books can get you entertained for hours during long flight at Cathy Pacific. Bring along your favorite books, newspapers, or magazines. 

Sleeping Pills 

One tip to survive a long flight is to sleep. Some passengers decide not to take any sleeping pills because they wanted to be fully aware of what’s happening in case of an emergency. The most common sleeping pill used is Ambien. But you have to consult your doctor before taking the medicine. Test it first before getting on the plane. 

Bring your Eye Mask and Earplugs 

Eye masks can aid you to create an ideal sleeping environment since it blocks the light. Instead of using the cheap eye masks that the airlines provide for free, buy your own mask. 

The same is true with earplugs. It is also essential in having a good night’s sleep. If you forget to bring one, ask the flight attendant because they might have a pair for you. 

Noise-Cancellation Headphones 

If there are noisy passengers and crying baby near you, earplugs will not do the trick. In this case, use your noise-cancellation earbuds or headphones. Play soft music or an audiobook that will drown the noise. This will lull you to sleep.


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