How To Travel Around Europe On A Small Budget

Europe is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations, and it’s not hard to see why. The continent has everything, from sunny beaches to snowy plains. If you intend to visit Europe this year but don’t have a large budget, you will be pleased to know that that’s not going to stop you. Europe is a continent that can be visited for very little, especially if you stay in hostels and take public transport.

This article will break this topic down in detail, explaining how you can visit Europe on a small budget:


Schengen Visa

The Schengen visa is a visa that gives you access to all Schengen states. If you are travelling to a European nation that’s within the Schengen zone, then you will need to apply for one of these. The primary benefit of applying for a Schengen visa is that you can go to any member state without needing to apply for individual access visas. Some of the Schengen nations include Belgium, Italy, France, and Spain. By getting one of these, you will then be able to hitchhike or make your way around the Schengen zone very affordably.

Public Transport

If you want to get around Europe affordably, then the best way is to either hitchhike or take public transport. Hitchhiking can be dangerous, however, especially in a country where you don’t speak the language. For this reason, it’s usually best to take public transport. Europe’s public transport services are some of the world’s finest. Additionally, many of Europe’s rail and bus stations have signs translated into several languages, meaning that you can get around even if you don’t speak the language. It is possible to buy season passes that give you access to a nation’s entire public transport system. It might be worth investing in one of these if you are going to be travelling a lot. It’s worth mentioning however that these passes do not carry over into neighbouring EU countries.

Travel Comparison

If you do intend on taking public transport, then it’s definitely worth using a travel comparison site. The main reason for using travel comparison sites is because they show multiple travel deals at once, allowing you to get the one that’s most affordable for you. Some travel comparison sites in addition to displaying methods of transport will also show you deals on hotels and resorts. If you want to go to a hotel or resort in Europe but are on a budget, then the best time to do this is during the offseason, which is usually in autumn, when children are at school and everybody is working.


Hostel Living

During your time in Europe, if you want to save as much money as possible then the best idea is to stay in hostels. Europe has a lot of backpackers, so hostels can be found in nearly every town and city. It is worth doing your research before arriving in a town or city, just so that you can be confident that they do have hostels available. You shouldn’t ever leave it to chance. Leaving it to chance could result in you arriving somewhere and discovering that they don’t have any cheap or free accommodation available.

An alternative to staying in hostels is to use a house-sharing platform. These platforms are places where hosts can offer bedrooms out to travellers, free of charge. Many hosts will also offer travellers free meals and the use of their bathroom and kitchen. If you are going to stay with a host, make sure that you read their reviews first just so that you can be sure they aren’t suspicious.

Car Sharing

In Europe, it is also possible to share a car with somebody else that you haven’t met before. These car-sharing services are a great way for travellers to get around, although they can cause conflict because everybody has their own itinerary. If you are travelling with a group of friends, then you might want to consider using a car-sharing service amongst yourselves. You could also just lease a car together outright. You should be able to get a car for a very reasonable price if you book in advance, then the amount that you have to pay will be minimised by sharing the cost.


A good way to save money is to backpack. Instead of taking public transport or planes, walk everywhere. While it can be very tiring walking, it is good for your health and a great way to see Europe in all of its splendour. Another alternative is to bring a bicycle, and cycle across Europe. Cycling across Europe can be a very enjoyable experience, especially during the summer when the weather’s warm. If you are backpacking or cycling, make sure to update your loved ones with your location all of the time, so that you can stay safe. If you don’t tell them where you are and you get lost or injured, they might not be able to get help for you.

Budget Airlines

Finally, in terms of getting to Europe, the most affordable way is on a budget airline. Some airlines will take you to European countries for less than $30. With that said, if you are going to take a budget airline then remember that it’s likely your seats will be very uncomfortable and you won’t be able to bring a lot of luggage with you. A unique alternative to taking budget airlines to Europe is to board a budget cruise ship. Yes, it’s actually possible to get a place on a cruise ship for the same price as a budget airline ticket. Cruise ships often sell their last tickets for next to nothing, just to get them sold. You can usually find these on the cruise ship provider’s website or you can find them on booking websites. You will have to act fast if you do find cheap cruise tickets because they go fast.

Europe is a continent that has shaped the world. Unsurprisingly, its cities are rich in history and culture. If you would like to visit Europe but don’t have a lot of money, then as this article shows there are some very effective solutions. Make sure that if you do travel to Europe, you have at least enough money to support yourself during your visit. It’s very reckless to travel anywhere if you have no means of supporting yourself.

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